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This page continues the chronological log of our Votoms Campaign. 

7214.02.18 -PLANET SUNSA (Game 11)

The Gilcut team know they must pursue their Red Shoulder attackers if they ever hope to see Chet again.  Reverse engineering the tracking devices they found on their ATs earlier, they devise a way to track the Red Shoulder landing craft, and it looks like they're returning to space.  Not good- the team must find a way off Sunsa, quickly!

Driving out to the remains of a Balarant military base, the team hides in the ruins and waits for a Balarant transport to ambush.  If they can capture the transport intact, they may be able to bluff their way into a Balarant spaceport.  And by keeping the Balarant crew inside alive, they might be able to coerce their way onto a ship.    It's a long shot, but they have to try!

Pent puts his newly acquired Strikedog to good use, shoving an abandoned truck out into the path of the Balarant transport.  Goug does likewise on the other side of the street.

As the transport smashes into the trucks, it barely slows down, and Balarant grenadiers open fire on their would-be attackers as they attempt to board.

But Quey, having waited for the transport to pass, fires mortars from behind and blows the gunners out of action.

Still not used to his new AT, Pent fails to board the transport, dropping in front of the massive vehicle, but managing to stay between the tracks- disappearing below.

Meanwhile, Balarant AT veteran Zotan Botep is no stranger to combat, constantly having to fend off attacks from raiders like the Corpse Eaters.  To him, this attack is no different, and blasting his way out of the back of the AT transport in an AT "Chanky", he pours machinegun fire into Quey's Barking Turtle, even managing to get through the tough armor!

As Zotan charges out and attempts to grapple the Barking Turtle, Quey boldly charges past him, reversing into the transport and firing mortars at the heavy Balarant AT.  But although he manages to stun the Fatty ATs still in the transport...

They quickly recover, kicking Quey off the ramp!

Meanwhile, Goug successfully boards the transport, and charges across the roof, and the transport rolls forward enough to expose Pent, still below.  Pent's Strikedog punches the ramp, upsetting one Fatty who tumbles off.

Goug jumps down, landing on the remaining Fatty and grappling Zotan's AT.   All the squad members call for a truce, and explain their situation.  Although he has no love for the supposed Red Shoulders, Zotan remains unconvinced... until the team offers some of their captured Jijirium as an incentive!

Zotan wisely keeps the other Balarant pilots out of the discussions, knowing that abandoning his post is a serious (if profitable) crime.  Ordering them to stay behind and watch for further attacks, he claims to take the team into custody- really, taking them and the transport to a shuttle, launching towards the heavens in pursuit of the retreating Red shoulders!

Will the team catch up with the Red Shoulders in space?  Is Zotan really willing to abandon his position in the Balarant army?  Is Chet even still alive?   Find out next game...

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