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This page continues the chronological log of our Votoms Campaign.

The Using the funds from the Battling Ring (see part 4 for details), Pent and Chet, Quey, and Goug purchase the old Gilgamesh Cruiser wreck and manage to refurbish it into a working ship again.  Loading it with ATs and supplies, there isn't enough room for a transport truck.  They're hoping to fly directly to the site where they had buried a Jijirium cache during the war.  Thankfully since the war is officially over, they manage to avoid both Gilgamesh and Balarant patrol ships during the long space flight to Sunsa.  Once they get there, however, things get messy...

7214.02 -PLANET SUNSA (Game 8)
The Cruiser orbits Sunsa and plots a reentry course towards the presumed site of the Jijirium Cache.  But as the cruiser approaches the airless surface, missiles streak up and explode all around, forcing a crash landing in the desert!

Surveying the extent of the damage, it is clear that the Cruiser will never fly again.  Fortunately the ATs aboard survived the crash.  Pent and Chet mount up and exit the cargo bay.

With understandable caution, Pent, Chet, Quey and Goug venture outside in their ATs, to look for anything they can salvage from the wreck.

 They soon discover that theirs is not the only ship that has crashed here!   Wreckage from dozens of vessels litter the barren landscape, some of them Civilian.

Before long, a growing dust cloud approaches the wreck, and out of the dust, a band of  Salvage Rats appears!  Using a truck, a surplus Fatty, and a Scrapper AT, they set to looting the wreck.

When they realize there are other ATs present, the Salvage Rats go on the offensive! Chet is soon surrounded, machine gun fire and Flamethrower blasts driving him back into the wreckage for cover.

Meanwhile, the salvage truck charges Pent's Scopedog, the crew in back firing missiles and deploying into cover.

Pent retaliates by charging the truck, and gutting the crew inside with his GAT-22.  The truck is immobilized, but most of the crew are already taking up positions in the rocks...

Returning to a wrecked engine pod he noticed earlier, Pent manages to activate the engine, blasting the Salvage Rats with a violent blast!

Goug comes to Chet's aid, knocking the Scrapper AT to the ground with a Pile Bunker attack from behind while Chet sprays the Fatty down with bullets.

But elsewhere, a completely different and even more hostile looking band of salvagers arrive, with their own Truck and Scrapper AT, plus a customized Sand Beetle and Standing Tortoise.

On his own but thinking fast, Quey lobs mortar rounds into the back of the halftrack, blowing several unpleasant looking raiders to bits.

But the Sand Beetle and Scrapper AT charge Quey's Barking Turtle, hacking away with brutal close combat weapons. Quey barely manages to hold them off with bursts of machinegun fire.

The Scrapper AT enters the wreck, hoping to find some choice loot or possibly sabotage the ship's defenses...

But Quey unloads his rocket gun inside, demolishing the Scrapper AT along with anything inside worth salvaging. 

The Standing Tortoise uses its solid shooter to devastating effect, further damaging Chet's beleaguered Scopedog.

Only the timely intervention of Goug's Berserga can put a stop to the Standing Tortoise's barrage.

Hoping to finish off Chet's Scopedog, the Sand Beetle charges into the wreckage.  But Chet has already set his damaged Scopedog to self-destruct, diving to safety as the blast wipes out the Sand Beetle.

In an attempt to capture the now-fleeing halftrack, Quey jumps aboard and orders the driver to stop...

But the driver sneaks a grenade through the back window, blowing Quey out as he beats a hasty retreat.  Quey vows to show no mercy next time they meet...

Pent, meanwhile, captures the leader of the Salvage Rats and forces some useful information at gunpoint.  It turns out the green truck and blue ATs belongs to a ruthless Scavenger gang known as the Corpse Eaters, known for gunning down any ships that pass in range and looting the wrecks.  The Salvage Rats were only looking for parts, and are bitter enemies of the Corpse Eaters, whom they mistook Pent and the others for.   Pent agrees to let the remaining Salvage Rats go, in exchange for information on where to get transport.  It turns out an AT Carry was spotted by the Salvage Rats just a few miles away.  Although they have no immediate transport, Goug at least takes the opportunity to loot some weaponry from the destroyed Corpse Eaters Sand Beetle.

The team prepares to set out on a journey, not sure if their Jijirium cache is even still there, much less how they'll ever get off of Sunsa once they find it...

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