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Following is a timeline for events taking place in our Votoms RPG campaign.  Although the games are not played in chronological order, they are listed here in order for your convenience.  Follow along and try to guess the plot twists before they happen, or just scroll down to the cool pictures of Scopedogs and other ATs, battling across the war-torn worlds of the Astragius Galaxy...  For more information on the miniatures, models, figures and terrain used in our campaign, visit the Votoms Minis Page.

7212.08.24    SECOND BATTLE OF SUNSA (Game 3)
Squad Gilcut is assigned to patrol duties in a local village.  Instead, three members of the squad (Dackras, Quey, and Chet) set out in an AT trailer to investigate rumours of a Balarant Jijirium mining operation nearby.

Chet, caught on foot when Balarant soldiers attack the AT trailer, manages to blast his way into the turret tower instead, turning the weapon against its former owners.  The other pilots make it into their ATs and attempt to protect the truck...

As the Melkians destroy the turrets and ground troops surrounding them, Balarant ATs come out of the mines and do some real damage!  Fortunately, Quey's Barking Turtle is sturdy enough to survive the hail of bullets this lucky Fatty Custom managed to get on target...

After clearing out the Balarant forces on the surface, Squad Gilcut descends into the mines to search for more enemies that might hamper their efforts.  Brutal tunnel fighting breaks out.  Mine carts are blasted down into the mines, crushing foot soldiers, who retaliate with flamethrowers deadly in a confined space.  Dackras and Chet even unleash their rocket pods in the mines, shaking the very earth with explosions of dust and terror.

The last of the mine tunnels cleared by Dackras and a well placed hand grenade, Quey spots the hiding place of the Jijirium they came for at the bottom of the reservoir.  But two more Fatty ATs lie in ambush, but their attempts to protect the precious Jijirium are met with coordinated fire from the team.  Loading the AT trailer with the Jijirium, Ducras squad leaves before reinforcements arrive.

But on returning to the village, they find it razed to the ground, 90% of the civilian population killed by the Red Shoulders.  Squad Gilcut agree to share a portioin of the Jijirium with the suvivors- there's little else they can do to help.  They bury the rest of the Jijirium until they can return to collect it unhindered by the military...

7213.02.11    THIRD BATTLE OF SUNSA (Game 4)
In the final battle for Sunsa, the Gilgamesh army sends Red Shoulders and other forces into one of the most brutal battles of the war... 

Squad Gilcut is sent back to Sunsa to protect the drop site in static defenses while MDSF troops destroy all remaining Balarant resistance.
Squad Gilcut takes up positions in the trenches that protect the drop site.  Melkian infantry bolster the defenses, until attacking Balarant tanks and infantry break through with flamethrowers and inflict horrible casualties.
Quey puts his mortars to good use clearing out the attacking Balarant infantry squads.  The Melkian infantry commander even manages to stun one of the Balarant Fatty ATs by swinging his disabled artillery piece into it! 
Unfortunately, just as the Balarant attack is repulsed, Gilgamesh ships in orbit rain an atmosphere-destroying bombardment onto the surface of Sunsa!  A squad of Red Shoulders return from the front lines and demand access to the remaining Escape Shuttle.  Realizing there isn't enough room for everyone on board, the Red Shoulders attack!

Even as his AT is destroyed, Chet Gilcut remains behind to cover the retreat of his comrades, before he is cut down by merciless fire from the Red Shoulders.  The shuttle lifts off, leaving the dying planet Sunsa behind, and Chet Gilcut's fate unknown (and presumed lost).  The loss weighs heavily on Chet's father Dackras, and also on younger brother Pent, who had stowed away in the shuttle at the time.  The planet, now an airless wasteland, still holds their hidden Jijirium cache, unclaimed until another time.

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