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This page continues the chronological log of our Votoms Campaign.

7214.02.13 -PLANET SUNSA (Game 9. Part 1)

Chet and Pent Gilcut, joined by longtime friend and fellow ex-soldier Quey, have crash landed on planet Sunsa with their new cohort Goug.  Together known as Gilcut Team, they are attempting to locate and recover a cache of Jijirium they buried during the brutal wartime campaign on Sunsa that left the planet ravaged, without even enough air to breathe.

On the advice of the Sand Rats Leader (see Part 5 for details), Gilcut Team sets out in their ATs to try and locate a transport.  Trudging across the ravaged wastelands, they at last see a familiar shape on the horizon- what appears to be an intact AT Carry truck!

On closer inspection, Chet notices the crew, former Melkian soldiers, are dead.  Not surprising, except their bodies appear to be freshly mauled by someone, or some thing.  Suddenly, the ground begins to shake...

A horror that defies description bursts from a crater in the ground!  Not even Goug's heavy Berserga AT can withstand the brutal strength of the creature.  How could any creature survive Sunsa's inhospitable landscape unprotected, Pent wonders? 

But Quey has no time to think of such things, and throwing caution to the wind, his Barking Tortoise unloads mortar rounds and rocket fire into the back of the menacing beast.

Just as Pent and Goug are coming to terms with this new threat, a second horror bursts out of the ground behind the team, knocking Chet off balance!

The creature scoops up Chet's Scopedog like it was a toy, crushing force buckling the armor plates with a horrendous creaking sound.

Inverted and disoriented, Chet manages to fire a few rounds into the creature, distracting it but still not free of its grasp.

Desperate to save his friend, Quey charges forward, his Barking Tortoise grabbing the creature's head.  But he only manages to swing himself off the ground, landing flat on his back.  Somehow this gives him a clear shot at the underside of the creature's head, inflicting major damage!  The creature screeches horribly and drops Chet's Scopedog to the ground.    Meanwhile, Pent unloads his rocket pod into the other creature, allowing Goug a chance to get up and dash away from the monster.

Unfortunately, Pent's attack draws some unwanted attention, and his captured Fatty AT must once again struggle to survive against impossible odds.  Firing into the mouth of the creature seems to discourage it though...

The first creature, now badly wounded, doesn't notice Goug's Berserga charging from behind.  Launching into the air, Goug brings his deadly chainsaw bayonet down on the beast's exposed neck, severing the head clean off!  The gruesome trophy smashes down onto Quey's Barking Tortoise, and he throws the foul thing aside in disgust.  The demise of the beast is enough to drive off the other creature, who burrows back under the harsh terrain and disappears.

Where did the creatures come from?  Are they indigenous to Sunsa, or is their presence here a result of some insidious and deliberate plot?  Clearly, one cannot underestimate the dangers of this ravaged world.  The Gilcut team settle for their hard-won trophy, and firing up the still-functional AT Carry, climb aboard for a weary drive across the barren landscape, damaged and low on fuel, but alive.

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