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This page continues the chronological log of our Votoms Campaign. 

7214.02.14 -PLANET SUNSA (Game 9- part 2)

Low on fuel, the Gilcut Team drive their AT Carry towards the only known habitation within range- a small, run down scrap town called Rostoh, inhabited by Sunsa survivors trying to eke out a living.  As they pull into Rostoh, they are watched closely by the nervous and well armed inhabitants.  Pent recognizes the Sand Rat truck from an earlier battle.  But his attempts to barter for gas are met with distrust- the town has been the victim of raids and kidnappings recently, and they are taking no chances.  They are impressed by the trophy skull on the truck though.

Chet offers to trade the creatures' skull for some fuel, and the townsfolk agree, mounting the skull over the Bar.  Goug and Quey discover the town's water pump is broken, and offer to repair it using a recycled PR cylinder from an abandoned AT in the town's scrap pile.  Chet also offers medical aid to some of the townsfolk injured in the recent raids.   As the townsfolk warm up to their visitors, they confirm that the Corpse Eaters have been a threat to their already difficult existence. 

A sudden dust cloud on the horizon warns of approaching visitors, possibly hostile.  Chet re-parks the AT Carry truck to block off the town entrance as everyone gets into their ATs, silently agreeing to protect the town from attack.  Unfortunately, they haven't had time to repair the damage done by the creatures yet- they'll just have to be careful in the upcoming fight.

It's a raid!  The all-too-familiar Corpse Eaters Halftrack smashes through the barricade, unloading Sand Beetles and foot soldiers into the town.  But they weren't expecting this much resistance!

One of the invading Beetle ATs manages to blow up the Sand Rat truck before darting off.   Quey can only watch as the truck goes up in flames.

As another Sand Beetle attempts to climb into the town, Goug intercepts it with his Berserga, swiftly demolishing it with a fearsome melee attack, while the Corpse Eaters truck enters Rostoh, Pent's Fatty barely able to dodge out of the way of the lumbering half-track.

Quey spots his target- that half-track won't get away THIS time!  His Barking Tortoise unloads an entire magazine of Rocket Gun shells into the truck, gutting it and setting it ablaze.  Unfortunately, the truck continues headlong into the town's Fuel Dump...

Chet charges the third Sand Beetle and blows it apart with a well placed spray of GAT-22C shells.  Only one Sand Beetle is still alive, and flees the scene.  The fight is over.

Thinking quickly, The Gilcut Team hook the burning wreck to their AT Carry, and tow the hulk out of town before it can explode and do any more damage.

As the Gilcut team clean up the mess and check for survivors, Chet can't shake that familiar feeling...  Rostoh MUST be the town that they passed through during the 3rd Sunsa Campaign!  Chet and Quey both recall when they shared just a fraction of their captured Jijirium with the desperate townsfolk during the war.  At least the town managed to survive, and ultimately help them out in return.  

With the AT Truck refueled, their Armored Troopers repaired, and Rostow back to what could almost be called normal, the Gilcut Team set out to find what they came to Sunsa for- the lost Cache of Jijirium they buried nearby, what seems like an eternity ago...


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