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7213.07.24 -
Melkian AT squads from Corza Base are sent into the city to root out insurgents, including young AT pilot Pent Gilcut and his longtime family friend Quey.   It is discovered that the uprisings are a response to worsening labor conditions in the AT factories of Corza City, which are admittedly bad, but seen as a necessary evil by the Melkian military.

Pent's Scopedog and Quey's Barking Turtle flush out rebels, who fight back bravely but foolishly using heavy weapons and familiar terrain.

Some of the rebels have even commandeered Scopedogs and Brutishdogs, making for fierce urban warfare. 

7213.08.02 - RAID ON CORZA BASE (Game 2)
Quey, Pent, and newly transferred Brakken are on post when Corza Base is attacked in the night by rebel forces.  Brakken, as a new transfer, doesn't recognize the alarms at first- but everyone jumps out of bed when the explosions start!

Rebels with heavy weapons have infiltrated the base, and hit the AT hangar, setting it ablaze as a flamethrower-equipped Marshydog explodes!

The Melkian soldiers rush to get into their ATs before they are destroyed.  Pent manages to get into his Scopedog, despite it being covered in flames.

One rebel has manged to capture a heavy beam cannon, and blasts the comms tower on the base.  Brakken, thinking quickly, uses his Marshydog to secure the tower with cables before it can topple onto Quey's AT and crush him.

While Quay and the others are busy battling the attackers, the rebel attack is actually a diversionary tactic, as one of the rebels makes it inside the base and into the records room.  It is unclear what information was taken- when the battle is over, only ashes remain.  Lieutenenat Mayfield surveys the chaotic state of his base, trying to bring order to the men.

During a close combat struggle, Pent manages to get a look at the pilot of the rebel AT Boxing Dog.  To his surprise, it is a man who looks suspiciously like his brother Chet!  But he died on Sunsa... didn't he?
The mysterious pilot escapes, and the Melkians are left to pick up the pieces.

(Game 5)
A sinister drop ship arrives at Corza Base 2 days after the attack.  Gilgamesh stormtroopers pour out, followed by Major Wyvern, who marches into the Base HQ and arrests Lieutanant Mayfield at gunpoint, citing charges of incompetance.  Major Wyvern then orders everyone on a search and destroy mission to root out and kill all the rebels once and for all...

Major Wyvern spreads the Corza Base soldiers dangerously thin, dropping Pent and Quey off in one of the most dangerous parts of town to search for rebels.  They find them almost immediately, including two Diving Beetles hiding in the drainage channels.  Quey manages to cripple one of the Diving Beetles with a well placed kick...

Remembering his encounter with the Boxing Dog in the last battle, Pent takes a huge risk and attempts to negotiate with the enemy pilot.  After removing his helmet, Chet recognizes his brother and calls a cease fire.  But how did Chet survive Sunsa?  He explains he was captured by the Red Shoulders, and after escaping, has been finding ways to get his revenge on them ever since.  But before all of Pent's questions can be answered, a sinister dropship approaches...

It lands, and unloads a squad of Gilgamesh Stormtroopers, undoubtedly more of Major Wyvern's brutal henchmen.    They are followed by an AT trailer with three Red Shoulders!  Chet recognizes Major Wyvern's bloodthirsty soldiers and warns Pent and Quey not to side with their ruthless new commander.   Knowing they will throw their military careers away forever by doing so, they turn against this new threat, Quey spectacularly blasting the cockpit of the dropship with his rocket gun.

As the dropship attempts to flee, it overturns, crashing and exploding onto the stormtroopers it just deployed!  The Red Shoulders open fire on the rebels and Melkians alike, content to wipe out everyone not loyal to Major Wyvern.

Chet, meanwhile, charges one of the Red Shoulders and delivers a brutal melee attack, crushing the pilot's cockpit and knocking the AT down for the count.
Unfortunately, a second Red Shoulder retaliates by blowing apart one of the damaged rebel Diving Beetles.  But Pent puts a stop to the threat with a hugely risky leaping kick that shuts down the Red Shoulder.

Meanwhile, Quey secures his escape in a deadly firefight with the Red Shoulder Commander.  Not even support from the other rebel Diving Beetle is enough to put the bloody shouldered brute down, but it is enough to cover their escape...

Now on the run,  Pent, Chet, and Quey use their breakout, hacking, and persuasion skills to get to a shuttle and offworld before their traitorous status is discovered.   Knowing they can't return, Chet suggests they turn themselves in to a Balarant force nearby- a plan that Quey and Pent feel is too risky.   But Chet has something special in mind- using the information captured in the raid on Corza Base two days ago, Chet has determined the location of a secret Red Shoulder base right on Melkia, on the Deraida plain.  By giving this information to the Balarant, he hopes they will bomb the site and destroy the Red Shoulder menace once and for all...  Chet decides this mission is too important to leave undone, and launches in an escape pod before Quey and Pent can stop him.  Will they go after him and try to rescue him from their former enemy?

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