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This page continues the chronological log of our Votoms Campaign.

7213.07.25 -

Chet Gilcut, bearing critical data containing the location of an illegal Red Shoulder base on planet Melkia, makes contact with the Balarant forces.  Unfortunately, although they believe him and have every intention of destroying the Red Shoulder base, they also lock Chet in a holding cell.

Pent and Quey have no choice but to pursue Chet and save him from an uncertain fate.  Throwing away a chance to escape the war for good, they board their ATs and blast their way into the Balarant cruiser...

Pent makes a direct assault, hoping to cut right to the brig and rescue Chet before the Balarant know what is happening.  Mowing through some foot soldiers with ease, he runs up against some tougher resistance as Balarant ATs are deployed- and deadly defense turrets are deployed too, doing some serious damage to Pent's Scopedog.

Meanwhile, Quey hammers the Balarant from the other side of the ship, blasting away with rockets and mortars.  Unfortunately, the ship can't take that kind of pounding.  The hull is ruptured, sending Balarant forces into deep space and making the rescue operation even riskier as the ship begins to break apart from the inside!

Although Balarant Fatty ATs patrol the corridor in front of the brig, Pent's relentless assault creates a diversion, and Chet makes a break for it!  One Fatty is blasted through the door into the brig, while the other one pursues the escaping prisoner.

Quey arrives on the scene, and using his hacking skills, manages to seal one Fatty inside the brig!

As precious oxygen bleeds into space from all the damage, Chet realizes his only chance of staying alive is to get sealed up inside an AT.  Running from the fight in the corridor, he stumbles across an AT hangar, and commandeers a Fatty just in time.

Although Pent's Scopedog is badly damaged, he covers Chet's borrowed Fatty as it tries to pound a hole through a wall and create a shortcut to their exit.  Time is running out as more Balarant troops close in and the ship slowly tears itself apart...  Where is Quey?  Hopefully he found another route out...

Chet manages to board the waiting shuttle, but Pent's Scopedog is ambushed by a defense turret.  Moving quickly, he manages to bail out before it explodes, barely making it onto the shuttle in time to flee the crumbling Cruiser.   They spot Quey's Barking Turtle drifting in space, having managed to get out of the Cruiser before it was too late.

Now on the run from both the Melkian military and the Balarant army, the AT pilots are running out of resources and time.  Where can they go now?  And what will the Balarant do with the information they got from Chet?

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