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This page continues the chronological log of our Votoms Campaign. 

7214.02.22 - DARKSTAR ALPHA (Game 13)
Squad Gilcut uses their captured Telga class ship to pursue Major Wyvern and his Red Shoulders to the Darkstar system.  According to Captain Mayfield, Major Wyvern has a secret Red Shoulder base on Darkstar Alpha, a lush planet whose barren counterpart, Darkstar Beta, shares a binary orbit. 

The Squad decide to set down in the concealing jungles outside of detection range of the Red Shoulder base. 

Pent, Quey and Goug sortie in their ATs to secure the landing site.

Goug finds signs of a military presence in the jungle. But before he can warn the others...

Ambushing Guerrillas in Diving Beetles strike from the water!

Before he can come to Pent's aid, he is also ambushed, by Guerrilla ground troops throwing hand grenades!

Goug is also attacked from the water, but fortunately Mayfield, still on board the ship, deters the would be attacker with some cannon fire.

After kicking the Guerrilla infantry aside, Quey manages to leap out into the water and blow apart two of the Diving Beetles with his mortars and rocket gun.

One of the stunned Guerrillas recovers, only to find he is now a prisoner.

The prisoner explains that his people thought the Gilcut team were Red Shoulders, who have invaded their homelands!  An understandable mistake considering the stolen ship.  An uneasy truce is formed, and the Guerrillas explain they have been waging a war against the invading Red Shoulders.

What are the Red Shoulders doing on Darkstar Alpha anyway?  Could this be where Major Wyvern discovered his horrible blackwire technology?  And can the team make it to the Red Shoulder base and rescue Chet before he is caught up in the civil war?  Find out next...

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