Below you'll find links to loads of rambling, disorganized information that might just help you to build some fine terrain.  Items in BOLD are theoretically the most valuable reading, but for you to be the judge, you'll just have to read all of them anyway.

STC:Ember Shrine
Where all your casualties can be immortalized by glorious eternal flames.
STC:Defense Laser You need to make yourself a big gun.  Heck, make two.
STC: Plasma Tower An elaborate piece that lights up inside- and you can make your own!  Find out how and drink some Gatorade to prepare yourself...
STC: Ventilator
A small but detailed piece of industrial terrain you can make out of a cassette tape and some spare parts!
STC: Generator
Steps for making your own gothic Generator out of an electrical box and model parts!  A quick and and attractive project!
STC: Water Tower
Detailed step by step instructions for making your own Gothic Water Tower out of common model parts, hardware, and a videotape!  Don't miss it!
Make Rivets
You!  Make some rivets!  DO IT NOW!
Top 10 Tools
Tools and materials I cannot recommend enough for the avid terrain builder- but here's my best attempt. 
  Why Scenery?
A brief rant extolling the virtues of good terrain.
Some guidelines for making scenery that will actually be useful in your games.
  Shopping List
A rather outdated and chaotic guide to spending lots of money and filling up your garage with crap you "need" to make scenery.
A rambling guide to building terrain that focuses on materials and what you can use to glue them together.
Some ideas for adding detail to that massive, featureless cube you plan to call terrain.
Where I try to explain that using Enamel paints should be considered sensible.
Where I plead with the reader not to use 2 part resin for scenic water...
Set up
Where I presumptuously try to tell you how the hell to set up your gaming table.
 Tech Inspiration
 Gothic Inspiration
Two excuses to show off some high-resolution reference pictures.
Making Trenches
Twisty, rambling instructions for making twisty, rambling WWI style trenches.
 Eldar Terrain
A subject not often tackled, here are tips to capturing the alien feel of Eldar in your terrain.
An in-depth study of making a massive gaming table- on contract- for the first time- using all new techniques!
Industrial Terrain
A closer look at  the techniques I've been using for years now...  Featuring,  the Filtration Tower! (The what?)
A whole page of info on scratch building a Thunderhawk- and it still doesn't seem like enough.
Mordheim Buildings
Turning fragile porcelain decorations into dark medieval ruins.

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