Welcome to the second Standard Template Construct project!  What's an STC?  In the 41st millenium, it's a galaxy-wide plan for the construction of anything Imperial.  In Necromundicon, it's a terrain piece made especially to be made by you!  Be sure to follow the links to the construction pages for detailed steps on making your very own Gothic Generator!

The Gothic Generator, also referred to as Generatorium, can be found in most any built up area of the Imperium.  When carefully maintained by Enginseers of the Adeptus Mechanicus, these baroque structures can provide reliable power to a subsector for centuries.  Carefully sealed doors provide access to the power coils and thermal exchangers inside.  The Generatorium roof provides good cover for troops guarding against sabotage, since a reliable power supply is vital to maintaining an urban defense grid.

Click here to make your own gothic Generator!

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