Defense Laser Emplacements can be found at the heart of many an Imperial world's planetary defenses.

Crewed by specially trained Guardsman and maintained by the tireless labor of the Adeptus Mechanicus, many of these installations are millenia old, historical landmarks that can still discharge a lethal blast of energy when called upon by the highest authorities.  (Rules for Defense Lasers can be found in the Apocalypse section of the Games Workshop Website.  Here's the US page).

Occasionally Defense Lasers can be found in numbers, able to engage discrete targets or concentrate fire on a single hardened threat.  Here, Laser Battery 450 and 501 (known to their crew as Romulus and Remus) track an inbound threat, their ionization levels carefully monitored by a Tech Priest.  The older Battery 450 Romulus has an additional cooling tower retrofitted to it, enabling it to keep up a fire rate comparable to its newer brother.

Here's another shot of Romulus and Remus in action.

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