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Even as the dust settles from the battle at Libertine base, an ominous Gilgamesh dropship comes down from orbit.   Soon afterwards, the commander of Ripper Squad contacts the team, demanding they appear at Lowden Dam for a final showdown.  If the team refuses, he will blow up the dam, and flood the entire town of Lowden below!

The team resupplies their Turbocustoms, Aisha joining them, and they go to the dam.  At first it is silent but for some burning Balarant ATs, victims of Ripper Squad's arrival.  Then suddenly, four Bloodsucker heavy ATs burst from cover- Ripper Squad!

The team desperately tries to find tactical advantage in the structure of the dam, while simultaneously destroying the bombs planted on the Dam's surface.

Each of Ripper Squad's Bloodsucker ATs is equipped with different weapons- Solid Shooters, Flamethrowers, Iron Claws-  that are telltales of the pilots inside. 

Each member of Ripper Squad is a bitter rival of one or more of the team members.  The battle becomes fiercely personal.

Only the team's inventive tactics and faithful coordination keep them alive, levaraging the exploding bombs and a vantage point at the top of the dam.

Even Aisha must face one of her old demons, one of her subordinates who had been captured by the Red Shoulders and brainwashed into piloting the deadly new Strike Dog!  Thankfully she manages to cut through the mind wiping, bringing her former compatriot to their senses as the team sacrifices their own ATs to bring Ripper Squad to an end.

With the destruction of Ripper Squad, what does the future hold for the team?  Can they return to their life of peace, or will they rejoin the seemingly endless war?   Only time will tell...

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