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The team follows the coordinates found on the spy station, and locate an abandoned facility deep in the jungle that must be Husk... whatever it is.

Once inside, they discover a secret underground lab with four medical beds seemingly designed to reprogram memories.  They find recordings made by Dr. Newman, Murphy, Quinn, and Orbin, explaining that they used to be part of Ripper Squad- a part of the dreaded Red Shoulder Battalion!    They escaped, and used this facility to erase their memories in the hope of forgetting the horrors of war and starting new lives as civilians on Batora.  Somehow, Aisha manages to maintain her composure at this shocking news, especially considering Red Shoulders killed many of her comrades in the Balarant army.

Thankfully before wiping their own memories, the team had stashed Turbocustom Scopedogs inside the facility to help them survive should they be rediscovered by the Red Shoulders.  The Spy station makes this a very real threat.   Worse still, one of the townsfolk from Lowden followed them to the Husk facility, and they run off to warn the town that their would-be protectors are actually Red Shoulders!

As the team leaves the facility in their Turbocustoms, they are ambushed by the Black Dogs!

But with their restored memories comes deadly skill, and they make short work of the bandits.   But now they must prepare for the inevitable arrival of the Red Shoulders...