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While on duty at the near-abandoned Libertine military base, Aisha is startled by a blaring alarm warning of an enemy ship in orbit.  But the war hasn't touched Batora in months...  Strangely a similar alarm goes off in the Battling Arena, which Quinn has no explanation for.   Even Dr. Newman and Murphy are strangely uncomfortable with the idea of intrusion, as if they subconsciously know that being discovered and observed could be fatal. 

They all agree to investigate, and Aisha manages to locate a spaceworthy Balarant Strike Craft and some space capable Fatty ATs to launch into orbit and investigate.

When they reach orbit, they discover a Gilgamesh Spy Station in orbit.  Even if it is abandoned, they decide it is better to destroy it.

But the station is active, and defended by Gilgamesh soldiers!  Scopedogs launch from the station to engage.

Although the Fatty ATs are unfamiliar to the team, they manage to use asteroids for cover and engage. 

But the Gilgamesh forces manage to destroy their Strike Ship, leaving them stranded  even as they notice a Gilgamesh ship pulling away from orbit. 

A brutal battle ensues as the heroes fight desperately to get aboard the station, hoping to find some way to return to the planet below...

Once aboard the station, they find that it has indeed been monitoring their activity on the surface, and taking particular interest in a hidden facility marked only as "Husk".   Thankfully they also manage to locate an escape shuttle just before the station self destructs!   As they plunge through the atmosphere, they wonder who would be watching them, and why?