Here's a recent shot of Mordheim / Gobbledygook terrain.  The arched foundation is new- read more about it here.

A full view of my most recent table.  This setup is for a game of Gobbledygook, which is why there are little pumpkins everywhere!  The pumpkins are made from mini-pods from the craft store, spraypainted orange.

Here's a shot of my Mordheim scenery with all the river pieces in action.   In the foreground is one of my most recent buildings.  It started as a Christmas Village porcelain display piece, but after I smashed a few holes in it, Installed some floors and beams to the interior, and gave it a dark brown wash and a tan drybrush, it fits right in!  The two center background buildings are more of the same.  Find out more about converting porcelain buildings in the Buildings section.  The whole scene is nicely tied together by my new River pieces, combined with some foundation base plates I made to give the buildings a boost up

Here's another shot of the impressive city layouts you can make with the addition of foundations and river sections.

This is an early shot of our Mordheim scenery.  At the top  is the Graveyard and just to the right the Crypt, which double as Chaos scenery.

The Well in the upper left corner was scratch built by my friend Robert, who also based up the Mordheim cardboard buildings seen in the middle of the board.  The cardboard buildings actually look quite nice when based up.  We colored in the edges of the cardboard with a black marker, which worked great and went much faster than painting.  The cardboard was also painted with a spray matte finish- this eliminates the shinyness of the cardboard and helps it to blend with the other terrain.

At the bottom is the Docks, the Nurgle tower, and some gothic ruins.  There's also a liberal sprinkling of creepy looking trees.

For a more rustic look, I actually painted my black table with a cobblestone pattern.   I found a foam rubber bath mat with a nice "brick" style pattern to it, cut it up, glued it to a piece of plumbing pipe, and attached it to a paint roller!  I used a brown acrylic paint, and literally "rolled" on the cobblestone pattern in big strips.

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