My original plan for a graveyard was just to use up all those cool grave stones you get in the Zombie and Skeleton regiment box sets.  I found that the grave stones were too small to provide decent cover, however, so I mixed them in with some of the nice big resin ones that Armorcast sells.  The hill in the center is made from a playset base from some toy (thrift shops are a gold mine for this kind of stuff by the way).  I embellished the base with a perimeter fence made from chicken bones.  The coffin was made from some plastic boxes, detailed with skull detail plates I made myself out of sculpey.  The lid to the coffin is from the old Heroquest board game.  The giant hand in the background is actually a plastic model kit- "you know, for that science stuff".  The whole thing is based with pressboard, which has liberal amounts of sand glued to it, along with some cool little leafy plant material I found outside my house- it seems that birch tree seed pods break up into tiny leafy elements when they dry out...

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