On forge and hive worlds, clean water and air are precious commodities.  Filtration towers are a common sight in industrialized zones.  Here's the exterior of a tower, featuring 3 holding tanks and 2 dust fans. For another shot of the exterior, click here.

The "interior" side has lots of gantries and overhangs to give it a more claustrophobic feel, almost like a mini - diorama.  I kept the sides pretty flat, so I could use this piece in between other terrain (Especially Space Hulk terrain).   This piece is pretty vertical, providing lots of places to stand without taking up a lot of table space- perfect terrain for the cramped quarters of an underhive or forge complex.

Here's a closeup of the detail on the horizontal tank.  Rivets and angles go a long way to establishing the gothic industrial look.  The rust washes are particularly effective here.  What's also amazing is the white "decals" in the upper right are actually stickers from a Zoids toy!  Once you flat coat them they look great.

You can see how claustrophobic the interior is in this shot.  It really feels like the depths of a hive or space hulk.   I'm really happy with this piece- the shapes, the colors, the playability- guess I need to start playing Necromunda again...  Be sure to check out its big brother, the Type II Filtration Tower!

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