As the demand for clean water and air increases on growing Forge and Hive worlds, heavy duty Filtration Towers are installed by armies of servitors toiling around the clock.  The Type II Filtration Tower has dramatically improved flowthrough, but requires more monitoring and maintenance than its smaller predecessor.

The original Filtration Tower has been one of my favorite and popular terrain pieces, and I wanted to be able to make a production version of it.  The challenge was the basic shape of the original piece; a paper feed door from a one of a kind  laser printer door that I ended up with ONE of.  So, with a variety of electrical boxes, sheet styrene, and other parts, I set to the task of recreating some of the Filtration Tower's shapes and details on a whole new scale.    The end result is a massive piece of terrain that has many of the old Tower's cooler features, plus some new ones too.  And best of all, it is now a production-worthy design.

Here's a shot of the back of the Type II Filtration Tower.  The interior spaces are roomy enough to allow models to move through them, but deep enough to give that claustrophobic feel of being in the bowels of a giant machine.  Click here for a closeup of the interior.

This unique model is a fine centerpiece for any urban industrial landscape, from the twisting skirmishes of Necromunda up to the massive conflicts of Apocalypse.  For more info on purchasing this or other custom production terrain, check here.

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