I was so excited by the Witch Hunters in Mordheim, I decided to make my own conversions right away.  This is a Uriah Jacobus model.  I had already used his shotgun and the top of his banner for my Roughriders model, so I replaced them with a skull and a book, respectively.  The hand holding the skull is from the zombie regiment, and the book is from the Dark Angels deathwing chamion's Landspeeder (I mail ordered this bit).  The skull is from the skeletons regiment, of course!  I also strapped a sword and a musket to his back.
This menacing figure is a converted Redemptionist ganger.  I replaced his original weapon with the double headed axe that comes on the metal ork weapons sprue (you can get these from mail order).  The redemptionists are an excellent source of models for witch hunter conversions!
No Witch Hunter squad would be complete without some flagellants.  Both of these models are converted redemptionists.  The one on the left was holding an eviscerator- I removed it with a razor saw and replaced it with one of the two-handed hammers from the Middenhiem sprue, which is also where his head came from.  The chain and bell are from the chaos rhino and zombie sprues, respectively.  The model on the right has simply had his axe head replaced with a spiked mace from the metal ork weapon sprue.
Another flagellant conversion, this time more extensive.  The lower body is one of the 40K chaos culstists.  The upper body is a wyrd beastmaster from Necromunda- I replaced the top of his staff with a morningstar from a plastic skeleton.  The other hand has been replaced with a hook from the chaos rhino sprue.  Whew!  .
Another redemtionist model, this time starting with the grenade launcher guy.  I removed the front of the grenade launcher and replaced it with a mechanical autoloading crossbow I got out of a bits box somewhere.  All my witch hunters are painted primarily in  red, black, and brown, with yellow, steel, and gold trim.  To grunge them up, I usually give the red and lighter colored parts a brown or black wash.
So, after all that conversion work, I end up with a copy of the lovely Mordheim witch hunter models anyway!  Not knowing when to stop, I went ahead and painted them up.  This witch hunter recieved a mild conversion though- I replaced his sword with a flintlock from the Mordheim accessory sprue (the pose is perfect for a conversion like this), and added some spikes to his back taken from a chaos terminator model.
 This simple conversion started with a plastic Bretonnian archer.  I replaced his head with one from a Frateris Militia miniature, and added a back pack from the plastic Warzone model line.
Unfortunately when you buy a blister of warhounds, two of them are the same one that comes in the witch hunter box set!  I clipped down the back  spikes and painted them as skulls for variety.  ARF!!
This little fellow started as a Jester Imp model.  I removed the puppet-bearing stick (which went to another model of course), and replaced it with the lantern from the Mordheim accessory sprue.  I used a razor saw to scribe some "wood grain" lines into the handle so it matched the stub between his hands from the original stick. 
How can you not love this model?  This was the start of the whole puppet craze seen in the enemy Mordheim models.  Since I'm pretty lazy and don't like painting text, I selected a suitably brief slogan to emblaze on his chest.
 No conversions here, I was just happy with the way this model came out.  I especially like the contrast between his white shirt and the dark, grotty severed head at his side.  Somehow appropriate for the contrary nature of Witch Hunters...
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