The Posessed models for Mordheim are nice, but I wanted to do something with all the chaos models I've been collecting, including this conversion!   This is an Ahriman model, with a daemon sword from Abaddon, a head from one of the Chaos Marine Raptors, and wings from the old metal Tyranid Gargoyle (huge, but not too big for this massive model!). 
Another Posessed troop I wanted to do justice to are the Darksouls.  This is my first Darksoul conversion- I started with one of the metal Chaos Sorcerors, adding a metal Axe arm from the old Chaos Warriors regiment, and a puppet in the other hand (see inset) taken from one of the original Chaos Sorceror models (now an Archive model).  The skull head is actually one of the metal Black Orc heads, with the Orc face carefully cut away, leaving the right jawbone, skull and horns intact.  The end result is a fairly creepy and dangerous looking model.
Another Chaos Sorceror model equipped with a skull like the one above.  The hands are from plastic Chaos Warriors, the shield from the Chaos Rhino sprue (with the corners trimmed and lots of nicks and dents added with a metal file).  The crowning touch is visible in the rear view two candles taken from the new Witch Elf Blood Cauldron (I mail ordered them seperately).
The last Possessed troop I tackled was the Possessed itself.  Like the Darksouls above, I wanted a menacing but faceless head to add mystery and menace to the model- so a larger version of beastlike skull was used.

All manner of parts were used including legs from a Daemon Prince, torso and right arm from an Ogre, head from a savage Orc banner pole, and left arm from a Warzone miniature.  The end result is a towering beast that could once have been human but is now on the irreversable path of damnation...

I used  the same colors as the rest of the warband to help the thing fit in.  Dark red was used for what little clothing there was, the rest  painted with various shades of brown.

In this rear view you can see that the vestigial wings on it's back are made from a plastic bat (from the swarm sprues that were first included in Warhammer Quest).  Other embellishments include a ratlike tail, and crude devices such as the bone handled knife, metal hooks, and rack of meat (all taken from the new Kroot sprues).  These details give the model a sense of cruel, barbaric intelligence.
This is an unmodified Karloth Varlois from Necromunda.  I needed an excuse to paint him, so I did him up for Mordheim.  Although the pistol is a bit too high-tech looking, I figured I'd stat it as a blackpowder weapon and leave the model alone so I could still use him in 40K and Necromunda.  Although I used more red than normal, this is my basic color scheme for my Posessed- dark red, black, yellow, bone, and natural colors like leather pouches.
This mutant beastman is a converted Blood Bowl model.  I added a shield, and swapped the top hand out for an orc hand so he'd be properly armed (the extra tentacle doesn't hurt either).  As with my other Posessed models, I use a dark red color for the robes, and bone and flesh colors where approppriate.
I've been looking for a good excuse to paint up my Chaos Cultists for use in 40K games.  So, with some minor rearming, the crazed looking cultist models become Mordheim Posessed members!  This fellow has had his original (rather small) sword replaced with a more wicked looking blade.
The original chaos cultist leader model is equipped with a las pistol with a cool rat modelled into it.  Rather than lose the whole weapon,  I removed the las barrel and replaced it with the tip of a crossbow from the Mordheim accessories sprue.  A simple but effective conversion, and the model paints up well too!
 To make this blunderbuss, I removed the model's right hand,   took a shotgun from the Gorka Morka ork sprue, and filed down the rather chunky ork fingers before attaching it to the model's arm.  I drilled holes with my pin vice and used a sewing  pin to keep the arm  in place.  Small parts often  need a bit of pinning to stay together.
Another conversion of the leader model.  I removed the lasgun altogether, and replaced it with a "death"  puppet, taken from the Jester imp model.  Neato!
 This four armed imp made a nice companion for my robed cultitsts.  He's painted in the same color scheme- a dark, dark red that looks almost purple, similar to the color used on my neutral chaos marines.

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