Be sure to check out the giant RIDING BEAST as well as the models below!  The riding beast is a converted Dark Ages Spawn toy- originally it had a saddle for a rider.  The Howdah is made out of a plastic train car, covered with scraps of irregularly cut leather.  Leather is a great material to work with by the way, since it is strong, flexible and glues very well.  It also comes in some good natural colors, and can be stained with paint quite easily.  Skaven shields were added over the leather, and a wooden floorboard was added made of coffee stir sticks.  The speargun is from Gorka Morka, and has a crude but deadly look to it ideal for the model.  It holds about 5 models if you really cram them in, just enough to make a decent assault.
 After completing numerous models for all 4 of the Chaos powers, I decided it was time to build a new, unaligned force that mixes elements of the Night Lords, Iron Warriors, and Word Bearers legions. This leader model is made of numerous parts: Fabius Bile's Needler, an Epic Knight's Tasset, old Khorne Marine legs, an Undead helmet crest, jewelry chain, plastic skulls shaved off of other models...
 Chaos Marine backpack, a mix of plastic and metal arms and shoulders, and numerous parts from the wonderful Chaos Warrior plastic regiment set including the fine cloak, the upper torso, and the warhammer. I use a dark, dark red for the base color, detailed with yellow trim, and lots of brown, steel and gold colors in the equipment. Pure evil...
 Here's another one of my Unaligned Chaos marines. This one sports a Servitor torso, a jump pack made of a chaos backpack and a plastic bat from Warhammer Quest, as well as Mk 2 marine legs embellished with plastic skeleton heads for knee plates. Both weapons are from the Chaos Marine close combat sprue which I highly recommend for Chaos Marine conversions...
 Continuing the bat wing theme, this is my Raptor squad leader, made from a Pit Slave Chief.  The helmet for the pit slave  was perfect for a chaos marine, but by splicing in some chaos marine legs from the berzerker box set, the bare body made for a nice conversion too.   He even has three arms, like the Pit slave model!  The hardest part was getting the chaos marine shoulder pads to fit in there...  But the combination of Plasma Pistol, Bolt pistol and chain axe make it all worthwhile, heh heh.
Like many of my Raptor conversions, I made my own flight pack by splicing together a chaos back pack and the wings of a plastic bat from Warhammer Quest.   As if the 3 arms wasn't enough, I added two "trophy" arms from the plastic zombie boxed set's standard pole for extra creepiness.  I used my standard Unaligned color scheme for all the models seen here, but this one really shows off the yellow trim colors with the helmet plume, Pistol tassle, and trim on the back pack.
I was quite happy with the new Raptor models, and picked up the flamer equipped one right away.  However, I wanted to rearm him, so I used a Meltagun from the ork weapons sprue, and added some teeth on top by cutting them off of a chain axe from the berzerkers box set.  I also swapped in a metal head from the Chaos Bikers boxed set, saving the winged head for another conversion project some time in the future.
The metal Raptor backpacks are quite nice, and paint up well, especially in the dark color scheme I have chosen for my unaligned marines.  I found that just by bending the wings  to have a slight curve made them look a lot more dynamic.   This also helps them blend in with my converted bat-wing backpacks better, giving the squad a more unified feel (at least, as far as chaos can be unified looking).
Inspired by the undead marine conversions featured in White Dwarf, I decided to make some "Reaper" chaos marines.  Using arms, legs and torsoes from the Berzerkers box set,  heads (and some bare limbs)  from the plastic Zombie regiment have been added.  The Scythes are taken from plastic and metal skeletons, the plastic zombies, and anywhere else I can find them. 
The back packs on all my Reapers are converted.  This one uses hooks from the Chaos Rhino sprue in place of the vent arms on the standard chaos back pack.  A rotting carcass on a rope dangles from one hook (straight from the Zombie plastics).  The other hook holds a skull on a chain (taken from the chaos rhino sprue).  The unusual backpacks, undead features, and scythes make for a distinctive look.
Another of my Reapers, embellished again with chains from the Chaos Rhino sprue, and a bell from the Zombie sprue.  This time, the Scythe arm is taken straight from a zombie and tucked in under a shoulder pad.
I did up an entire squad of Terminators for my unaligned marines, and this is one of the nicer ones.  The body is actually an old metal Chaos Terminator Sergeant, whose skull head was replaced by a skull head from one of the new noise marines.  The arms are from the new Chaos Terminators, much nicer and bulkier than the original arms.  Mixing old and new parts can add variety to your forces while keeping them up to par style wise.

Speaking of Terminators, it seems everyone ends up in posession of an Abbaddon figure sooner or later.  But what to do with him?  I made a few changes to mine to make him work better with my unaligned forces.  First, I replaced the head with a skull head from one of the old terminator sergeant models.  Then I equipped his left hand with a Needler, made by chopping down one of the new plastic Necron Gauss guns and adding a pointy, stabby tip to the end and a secondary tank on top from an old plastic hand flamer..  The translucent barrel works great for simulating a vial full of nasty toxins...  Next, I placed one row of spikes horizontally across the back- I just think they look better this way.   Finally, I painted him in my traditional unaligned colors:  Dark red, brass, bone, and yellow.   The green glow of the needler really sets off the model...

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