Night Goblins
What is it about Mordheim and puppets?  We've even statted them out as a weapon used to distract your opponent, and now they're cropping up everywhere!  This Night Goblin Shaman came ready-made with a puppet on a stick.
This metal goblin champion is part of the command squad blister I got the shaman (above) in.  Although Brian Nelson's goblins are cool, I still like the somewhat "cute" look of the old goblins more.  This diabolical little fellow is unmodified, with the exception of a shield from the Chaos Warriors regiment.
I wanted to have a mounted equivelant of the above  chamion model, and was too lazy to buy another one.  Instead, I used bits from  the new plastic goblin regiment to mock him up.  The Back banner is simply the banner pole from the gobbo regiment.  I added cocktail stick "horns" to his head to match the champion model, and used the same chaos shield to good effect.  The wolf (and the rider legs) are actually from an old Milton Bradley Battlemasters game I had kicking around. 
I was pleased to see that some of the new squig hopper models had as much personality as the classic models.  The wooden sword is a great touch!  

Although I used the traditional colors ( red squig), the dark shading keep it from being too garish.  I used a lot of brown washes and dark base colors, with subtle drybrushing to highlight the flesh areas. 

I still love the original squig models best.  When painted nice and dark, they still have a lot of menace despite their cartoony proportions.  Subtle color variations were acheived by using different drybrush colors.
Another classic squig- ol' mushroom head.  Although I normally don't use pure white for bones or teeth, I liked the contrast it provided on the squigs, especially compared to their dark red bodies.  Their yellow eyes are also unshaded (though they are blacklined for contrast).

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