Magos Tyrus- labeled a heretic for his soulless creations, undead servitors and vicious robots devoid of a machine spirit. 

Starting with a Warmachine Cryx Necro-Tech,  the torso was extended with a toy part and embellished with tanks from Bile's backpack.  The arms are a meltagun from the Furioso Dreadnought arm, and a pit slave's rock drill.

The extra tread supporting his back is from an old Khorne Lord of Battle model.  The tentacle arms are from a Chaos Titan arm accessory pack.  Overall, a pretty nasty piece of work.  But just wait 'till you see his minions...
Accompanying Tyrus are his undead servitors, made from Cryx Scrap Thralls.  I used the bulkier scrap thrall models for Gunservitor conversions.  This one is armed with a Conversion Beamer, heretical in the extreme (and made from an old Space Ranger weapon).
This multimelta is actually an old Ork weapon.  Adding it onto the substantial thrall torso was a simple conversion.
An old Gargant titan weapon seemed suitably unorthodox for this conversion.  Switching around which arms hold the weapons helps make the models look unique even when they all have the same base...
Ork weapons are great for that dangerous- nay, illegal look.  This renegade servitor looks quite comfortable hefting an overcharged cannon that could explode at any moment... 
This is the smaller thrall model, which I used for the Combat servitor conversions.  This model is stock.
I ran out of the smaller thrall models and decided to piece one more together myself.   The upper torso combines the back of a Space Marine torso with the back of a Necron torso.  The head is a plastic skeleton skull of course.   Zombie legs are embellished with a Necron foot.  The exhaust pipe is from a Deadlands robot.  The arms are from another Thrall model since I replaced enough arms to have some spares.
A loyalist servitor provided the claw arm for this simple conversion.

The conversion below makes good use of two arms from the Pit Slave Chief model from the Necromunda range.

Last but not least, I wanted a big hulking brute of a robot to act as my renegade's bodyguard.  Starting with the treads from a toy excavator vehicle, I added the upper torso from a metal Stormboy on top of a small tank turret that could swivel on the treads.   Parts from Epic Imperial and Ork titans include the head, Trident left arm, cluster cannon right arm, and an old plastic missile launcher on the back (where the Stormboy rokkit used to be).  Two spinning sawblades from an Epic Khorne Brass Scorpion embellish the front, ensuring some good choppiness to protect all that firepower.
If you remember these cute little robot bombs from the Tech Guard page, you'll be terrified to know I made a "big brother" version of them with another set of treads and the roller from a Bloodbowl Dwarf Deathroller.  Epic Whirlwind launchers form the sensors, and a nice springy guitar string makes a great aerial on the back.

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