Until I expand my Imperial Guard minis, here seems as good a place as any to show off the Baneblade.  This started as one of the original old style Armorcast models that I embellished with lots of details.
To make up the numbers in battle, Tech Priests and Engineers rely on Servitors and Tech Guard. Fortunately, I already had several suitable models from my Tech gang in Necromunda. Unfortunately, this beautiful Tech Guard leader model is a limited edition piece. I was lucky to get one!
This is another tech gang miniature, which should still be available from UK mail order. I added a shotgun from a Goliath, and filed down an old Imperial Guard plastic arm to make the rolled up sleeves. The bandolier on his shoulder is from the sling that was originally on the shotgun.
This is another quite old model- it's one of the three Titan Crew models that can only be ordered from the UK as far as I know. Because this model is somewhat small, I used it for all my Tech Gang juves, but it makes a decent Tech Guard model.
Mechanicus armies typically have waves and waves of Servitors at their disposal. Currently there are only two servitor models available (although they are quite nice). To get more variety, I mixed in several Pit Slave models from Necromunda to fill out my forces. This pit slave has a servo arm from a Servitor model.
Here's a classic servitor model, painted with the dark grey and dark red colors I use for my Tech Priests. For variety, I replaced his servo arm with a chainsaw arm from a plastic epic scale Knight.
This innocent looking model is my own creation- a Robot Bomb! It drives up to the enemy and detonates (unless they can shoot it first). I took an epic scale ork battlewagon, removed the turret, put the deathroller up there, added some wires, and presto!
The Adeptus Mechanicus really should have some robots or androids, so I created a new class of troop called an Automaton. This model is a converted epic Knight, with a flamer and purity seal added on. . I painted the upper arms and legs steel, with a black wash to emphasize the technical details.

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