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ABOUT THE TECH RHINO:  I made the back end square by building it up with some sheet plastic.  In place of the normal top doors, I added a crane made from model parts, tank wheels, and picture frame hanging wire.  I installed a tool crate and a 55 gallon drum on the back, both from 1/35 scale tank kits.  In place of the top hatches, I added the Scanner base from the Whirlwind kit, and instead of a scanner, I made a pintle mount for a storm bolter.   The ram plow and smoke launchers are right off the vehicle accessory sprue.   The spotlight is made of the front plate from the accessory spotlight, with a Lemann Russ tank wheel on the back.  The whole spotlight assembly is mounted on the pivot mount for the Hunter Killer missile.  I added Lemann Russ track over the original tracks to bulk them up (as well as spare track up top).  The Vindicator style cannon on the front is an old Armorcast conversion kit (now out of print). The tools are off of the old Battlewagon kit (also out of print, sadly).  I painted the whole thing up in dark grey and dark red just like my tech priest miniatures.
Ever since I saw Jes Goodwin's drawing of two Tech Priests brooding in the shadows, I wanted to make an Adeptus Mechanicus army. Traditionally, Tech Priests wear robes and hoods, and are covered with a multitude of technical add-ons. To capture this look, I started with a Mutant Chronicles miniature. I added the servo arms on the back (from Fabius Bile), replaced the left arm with a Servitor arm, and added a power wrench to the right arm (made of a Space Wolf servo arm and bits from a plastic Skaven). The hoses are fine springs that I plugged into holes drilled in the model.
This is another Mutant Chronicles miniature with similar modifications. I added an Inferno pistol (from Dante) and a power axe from the new Techmarine model that comes in the command squad box set. To make the model look more appropriate, I filed off an icon on the front and replaced it with a Titan Legions decal. Chains and other technical bits complete the conversion. I paint the robes with a dark red, washed with black. I detail the rest of the models with dark grey and yellow. 
This is a converted Chronopia miniature (a Judge). I removed the odd spikes from the shoulders, filed them smooth, and added a decal there instead. More tubes were added, as well as a backpack from a Necromundan heavy. The right arm has been completely replaced by an assault cannon (actually a vulcan gun from a Warlord Titan model). Although the gun is excessive, the bulk of the model almost makes it look sensible.
Tech marine models make great Engineers in a Mechanicus army. To make them blend in, I avoid putting chapter symbols on my Techmarines, and often arm them with more unusual weaponry. I replaced the servo arm on this Space Wolf iron priest with a buzzsaw arm from a pit slave, giving the model an even more feral look. The model was painted dark grey, washed with black, and drybrushed with medium grey to make all the detail pop out. The dark red trim helps it blend in with my other Mechanicus models.
This is a fairly standard Techmarine model, although I added a combiweapon (from Azrael). This model has also painted up well in my Mechanicus colors. Although they are a nuisance to paint, wire bundles really look good if they are each a different color. A black wash helps make them stand out. Don't forget to paint your skulls half black- this is a classic image for the Adeptus Mechancius, representing the half-machine skull. Although I normally paint weapons grey or black, the dark red seems to work well on these models.
Yes, that's Terminator armor! I originally did this conversion for a Space Marine army, but it also doubles as my Tech Priest Magos (army leader). The body is a Chaos terminator. I added Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield arms from an Imperial Terminator, replacing the Storm Shield with a plasma pistol. The Servo arm is off a Servitor model, and fits nicely in the slot where the Chaos spikes used to go. Adding an Imperial eagle and other crisp details makes it clear this is no chaos marine...
High mobility characters are very popular in our Marine campaign, thus this Techmarine conversion..  Currently employed by the Raven Guard, this Techmarine comes complete with power claw (one of the new ork Bionic bitz), since jump pack and melee are a good combo,  and servo arm for field repairs (stolen from a hapless servitor).   The legs are plastic Berzerker legs, as they looked more technical than stock marine legs.  Finally, a Techmarine that can keep up with those Landspeeders that always seem to get into trouble behind enemy lines...
You can clearly see the servo arm in this back view (along with the extra grenades and pouches on the waist.  I tend to add gear there for jump pack models, to counteract the "wasp waist" look the jump packs tend to cause (although the power axe and claw are pretty bulky already!).  This model is painted using the same colors as the other Mechanicus models.  I like the way the jump pack breaks up with these colors, especially the mix of steel and brass jet nozzles.
I made this  plain techmarine model more formidable by converting a 2 handed axe for him!  I sawed the head and pommel off  the new techmarine axe and pinned them to a section of a metal fantasy regiment banner pole arm.  To bulk up the pole, I wrapped copper wire around it.  then I pinned the whole thing to a plastic arm, which I added some tubing so I could stat it as a bionic arm (painting it steel and brass helped too).
My Tech Marine on Bike. I converted a marine bike by adding the gear icon (from a Chronopia black sister) and grenade launchers (from the attack bike) where the bolters used to go, and added a gear-laden pack (from a Necromunda Heavy) to the back of the bike. The marine rider is suprisingly stock- aside from adding an Inferno Gun hand in place of the bolt pistol, this is essentially the new Techmarine from the command squad. With just a bit of filing on the legs, he fits just fine on a bike (as long as you don't mind the "No hands" riding style). I didn't even glue him on, so he is removeable to represent dismounting (useful for climbing ladders, etc). I painted the bike using the same colors I've established on my other tech models. With the servo arm, bionic arm, Inferno gun,  and power axe, this mounted model makes a formidable opponent in melee!


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