This little project started with one of the old ARMORCAST resin titan models (the only one I kept- I gave the rest away as gifts).  I wanted to do something special with it, so I proceeded to clean up the castings and add details wherever I could, trying to make it look more like a real machine and not just a scaled up epic model..  I settled for a dark red color scheme, since my Tech Priests were likely to be seen nearby this thing whenever it appeared in my games.  I still want to add some "decals", but you get the basic idea.

I added rivets, tubes, plates, skulls, and panels throughout.  Most notable is the detail around the inside edges of the trim, best seen on the leg cowlings and the main body cover.  These were actually tiny pieces of block and tackle from a model sailing ship!

I always liked the pose on the original epic model, with one leg raised as if it were in mid-stride.   So I sawed off the left leg, then reattached it rotated slightly back.  I had to sand down the toes on the left leg so it would stay flat with the ground enough to stay upright.  The Vulcan Mega-bolter weapon got the most modifications, with extra bits from tank models added on, and new barrel tips to replace the miscast ones on the original weapon.

In this shot you can see all the upgrades I made to the legs.  I used legs and tubing from one of the more mechanical Spawn toys of late.  The legs were the weakest looking part of the original design, so I figured some more mass in that area wouldn't hurt- plus all the hinges and tubes make it look a bit more believable.  I also used some flat chain (used for clothing accessories, I believe) wrapped around the leg and arm joints to make them look more mechanical too.

And  one last shot of the Warhound...
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