Sororitas Immolator Conversion
 I wanted my Sororitas to have a bit more detail in their color schemes. Using outside references (such as the Warrior Nun Areala comic by Ben Dunn), I came up with the white chest and red vest pattern that makes these models distinctive but still tasteful (and true to the traditional red, white and black colors of the Sororitas).    I have used a lot of gold since I think it's a nicer contrast with the red and white. 
The guns are dark grey (since I can't bring myself to paint a gun red, and black didn't stand out enough from the base color). I used the white hair to indicate rank, so the Canoness has a full head of white, where the Sister Superior (right) has white streaks. I really like the way her vest came out (my poor eyes).
 Hair is not something you normally have to worry about on a model in power armor. I wanted to have a mix of colors, not just all black. Blonde looks great, but I try not to use it too much. Of course, no one will argue with a blonde if she has a Heavy Bolter....
 I wanted the Sororitas to look like they've seen action, but not too dirty. I used a very subtle pink color for their lips. Settling for a crisp color scheme, I used just a little bit of brown wash on the cloaks and other details to make them look like a real fighting force and not just little dolls. 
The Missionary models are really fantastic, and I wanted mine to look as good as possible and still be able to blend in with the Sororitas (or as an auxiliary model for my Redemtionist gang!). I normally avoid red, but the one in the codex looked so sharp I virtually stole the color scheme wholesale. Now I just need to get going on Imperial Church scenery...
For more religious fervor, don't forget some of the fantastic MORDHEIM minis available.  Sisters of Sigmar make great initiates for an Adeptus Sororitas army, and you can always use Witch Hunters to round out your Frateris Militia... Back to Miniatures Page
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