The Bertha special character model model is beautiful- a must have for Sigmarite fans.  And unlike so many character models, it practically paints itself!  I particularly like the face, reminds me of a renaissance painting.  This is  the best  Gary Morley mini ever- well posed, sensibly sized, and highly detailed.
 The only conversion I did was adding the skull and candle on the shoulder (one of the bits from the new witch elf blood cauldron worth mail ordering). Most of the model is black- the armor drybrushed steel, the cloak and boots drybrushed dark brown.  The hammers were painted dark brown and drybrushed steel and brass.
One of the stock models from the box set.  I'm not a big fan of this pose, but the weapons work out well in our campaign- one of my other minis has been converted to just this weapons fit!  I use very simple colors- black, red, and white- with brown washes and drybrushing to add some depth to the colors (especially the white, which looks too clean if not shaded a bit).
This model was converted to a 2-handed pose using plastic arms from a halberdier and the original 1-handed hammer from the sister.
In the bizarre world of Mordheim, the Sisters are one of the more normal warbands.  To spice them up a bit, we added a special troop type- Cherubs.  They are worthless in a fight, but great for exploring.  This is a plastic Christmas decoration that I mounted on wire for a quick and cheap flying angel model.
Another simple conversion.  I added a lantern from the Mordheim accessory sprue and a shield from the Fantasy Orc regiment- big enough to count as a great shield on a model this size.  Just for variety, I reversed the colors on her Tabard.
Another Cherub model, this time from another miniatures range.  This is one of the Light Familiars from Rackham's Confrontation line.
Below is my Augur conversion for my Sisters of Sigmar.  I started with a Mordheim Middenheimer  youngblood model.  the staff is made from a plastic Dark Elf spear arm and the top of a plastic Bretonnian Knight helm.  The halo is from Inquisitor Eisenhorn's staff, as is the scroll tube on her back.  I made her a blindfold out of sheet lead and carefully glued it in place.  The result is a grittier but no less noble looking model than the original Augur model (who  needed  more hair in my opinion).
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