In Gorka Morka, the main hub of Ork activity is Mek Town, a sprawling scrap city where no project is too big for an ambitious Mek.  Occasionally, a bold band of mutie raiders will try to force their way past the gates, looting and pillaging until the ferocity of ork defenders can drive them off.

The front gates of Mek Town are assaulted by Muties!  Orks from several clans sortie out to try to stop them from breaking through the gates.

Here's another shot of the main entrance to Mek Town as it is assaulted.

Below is a view from one end of town.   Mek Town was made by combining two Ork Forts with several other pieces of terrain.  Multiple cranes, gates, and fuel dumps can be seen here.

 Here's another shot from the other end of town.

To assist in assaulting Mektown, the Mutie Raiders cooked up this slow moving, heavily armored, giant rock drill equipped machine!

The vehicle is actually an Ork Brain Crusha tank, with the front barrel swapped out for a giant rock drill I made from scratch.   Here's another shot of the Siege Drill.  You can see the Brain Crusha in its original form here.

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