Death Skulls Orks

An old metal Freebooter Kaptin model makes for a charismatic (if a bit short) Nob.  I mixed a custom purple color, trimmed with yellow for contrast.  It sounded odd at first, but I found that purple actually looks good on orks- in my opinion anyway.  I call it the "Incredible Hulk phenomenon".
To make the power claw stand out, I painted white "bony finger" lines along the fingers for emphasis.  The skull and crossbones decal on the back actually came from a Macross model, but equivelant decals can be found on the old Epic Imperial Guard decal sheets.
This is one of the Gorka morka metal models, converted into a Death Skullz looter.  I added an ork skull to his head and a shield to his side ( both from the plastic fantasy orc set), a shoota arm and ammo belt from the new 40K plastic orks, and some additional gear from the marine sprue.  The skull shoulder pad is from the plastic Khorne Berzerker set. 
 A back view of the looter.  More gear added on here (this looter has been busy!) including a metal skull glyph plate on the left shoulder, stikkbomz from a plastic Warzone backpack, and a chainsword from a mutie raider.  The rope grapple is actually on the original model- I had to be careful not to cover it up!
The Black Reach Warboss seemed appropriate for Deathskulls, with no modifications.

Two of the Black Reach plastic Nobs.  Amongst other conversions, I gave them Kustom Blastas instead of the default sluggas.

Various plastic Ork boyz, and an old metal Runtherd mini.

I slapped a metal jump pack onto an old metal Ork and gave him new plastic arms for two fisted goodness.  The second model is an old Freebooter, and the third is a metal Burna boy.

A couple more loota boyz, one with helmet looted from a WWII model!

Various Yoofs, made from a Necromunda Goliath (!), a Gorka Morka plastic ork, and an old Space Crusade Gretchin (!).

More Yoofs, made from an old plastic Ork, Gorka Morka Ork, 40K 2nd Ed. Ork, and a plastic fantasy Orc.

Here's a couple classic Painboy metal models.  The Bad Doc (middle) has been equipped with a saw from the old plastic battlewagon kit- that thing came with loads of great accessories... The last one has a more modern arm and slugga, and a charming hair squig to boot.

A suitably skull-laden bike.

A wartrakk with extra loot (bodies?), upgraded driver (using the new biker orks), and a scratch built harpoon gun (swappable).

This is an old plastic Trukk from Gorka Morka, with upgraded driver, wheels, and back end.  It works great as a buggy or small Kart.

This larger Kart is mostly scratch built, with the odd bits from a Gorka Morka Trukk.  The Grabba arm is swappable for other weapons.

The Gorka Morka campaign had long been without Dreds and Stompas, so I finally got around to scratch building one for the Deathskulls!

My friend Mat scratch built this tank, based on the  Epic scale Ork Brain Crusha.  I upgraded the tracks and wheels, added some more details, and painted it.

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