Whether in the wastelands of Gorka Morka or on the frontier of an Ork Waaagh!, any Ork clan worth their teef will have a fort to maintain their supplies, vehicles, weapons, and fighters.

This Fort is made of modular pieces, including a Gate, a Crane, a Fuel Dump, two wall sections, and three corner sections.


Below is a back view of the fort, showing the substantial amount of room inside for parking anything from bikes to Battlewagons.

Below are the two wall sections, perfect for expanding the size of the fort or bulking out a defensive wall.

More shots of the wall sections can be seen here and here.

There are two styles of corners used, with a shooty tower (seen from the outside here)...

...Or one with a wide open upper platform (seen from the inside here).

You can purchase your own Ork Fortress...  check here for details!

BUT WAIT- THERE'S MORE!  One fort is cool enough, but what if...

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