This picture is a combination of Mine tracks, two different styles of rocks, and various Gorka Morka buildings and pieces of scrap, forming a rustic mining scene any Imperial frontiersman, Mutie Raider, or Warboss could be proud of.   Even the old, yellow desert table has been repainted with brown tones to update the scene to a more "badlands" rocky desert look.  The repaint was done with foam rubber sponges and went pretty quickly.

The mine tracks are made from HO scale train track, beat up with nippy cutters and glued to pieces of fiberboard with concrete patch.  Wooden frames adorn some of the track sections, allowing rocks to be stacked on either side of, and on top of, the track to form convincing looking mine tunnels like the one in the upper left.  Mine carts can be made from most any small boxy shape, with some HO train wheels added.  Click here for a shot of the Badlands terrain in its entirety (use your BACK button to return here).

Below is a picture of the mines and rocks being used for a mining scenario in Mordheim.  By leaving the top off your mines, you can still get your models in there for a good game without losing too much of that claustrophobic feel...

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