These rocks were the first step in the process of upgrading my Gorka Morka terrain to a more Badlands look.   They're made from Sound Dampening Board- a 3/4" thick sheet of compressed shredded paper (the same material used on the Mage Knight table).   It's kind of like acoustic ceiling tiles, except the fibers are bigger so it's not as messy to work with.  Soft enough to be ripped with bare hands, I tore out some irregular shapes, then glued them on top of each other in layers to form these weathered rocks.  To further bond and protect them, I coated the rock formations with a heavy layer of white glue.   To fill any gaps that didn't look right, I used small shreds soaked in glue, or concrete patch if the gap wasn't too big.  Finally, I  glued the rock formations down onto chunks of fiberboard so they would sit  flat, and have some weight to them. 

I primed the rocks with dark brown camouflage spray paint, and used sponge painting to build up the lighter colors one layer at a time.  Since it takes a lot of paint to do this, I recommend cheap acrylic craft paint for this process.  To paint with a sponge, just dab it in paint, then dab off the excess blobs on a piece of paper.   For the base colors (dark and medium browns), dab vigorously on the rocks.  For the final highlight (tans and greys),  dab lightly.  The grain pattern in the sponge will actually add more detail to your rocks!

The cactuses are just repaints from the original Gorka Morka scenery, and are made from seed pods glued together in stacks with toothpicks to add support, and based up with concrete patch and fiberboard.

These rocks are not quite as nice as the ones above, but great for filling out the table and forming backdrops for photos.  They're made from foam rubber.  I ripped out little bits by hand, forming the ridges and gullies, then spray painted them with various shades of brown, tan, and rust.

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