Now that the PCs live on the high seas, a new threat emerges: the Noatun!  A race of clones living in cities under the sea, their advanced technology poses a deadly threat to the PCs.
Their first act: launching an ICBM into orbit!  It hits a Space Station and breaks off a massive piece of it, which comes plummeting down...

A huge chunk of the station is broken free and crashes onto the ground below.  The PCs investigate...

As the PCs explore the crashed Station, they encounter a human in an orange jump suit!  Could it be another Elder? 
He at least provides information on where to find EDEN.

Meanwhile, the Noatun have also attacked the Hellriders and destroyed their home, and the PCs are able to form an alliance with their former enemies. 
Joining forces, the PCs and Hellriders trap a Noatun cruiser in the channel and destroy it!

The Noatun are defeated for now, and the PCs are able to capture a Noatun Helicopter. 

Using the captured helicopter, the PCs are able to locate the above ground entrance to EDEN, and find a way inside...

In the bowels of the EDEN complex, the PCs find... Powered Suits!

The PCs confront the Biological Intelligence that controls the EDEN project, who had rejected them as failed experiments when they were just children...

Scalpie manages to use the advanced Lab in EDEN to revive their lost compatriot, Frio by downloading his consciousness into another Robot form.
The PCs flee the compound before it can self destruct, closing another chapter in their epic journey...