One of the deadliest threats to the Ark was an invasion-of-the-bodysnatchers scenario where plant replicas replaced some of the Ark members. 
Here Pongo uses his fire breathing mutation to destroy the pod plants.

Frio, meanwhile, battles pod vines as they try to destroy his Car.

Another deadly threat, Slashbugs, infest the highways of Hellview.  This won't be the last time the PCs see them either...

When the Ark recieves leaflets promising candy and safety, some of the pcs head out to Raygun's Dale to investigate- in the middle of winter. 
The town is inhabited by friendly robots, who just want to save mankind- by preserving them in giant tanks.

The biggest threat to the Ark is the rival band known as the Hellriders.  
Here we see one of many encounters, as the Hellriders try to run down a train the PCs are using to deliver critical supplies to the Ark.

Ultimately the Hellriders mount a deadly raid on the Ark, burning it to the ground.    The Elder is killed, but not before he tells them to find EDEN, whatever that is.
The PCs are forced to evacuate out to sea, piling the survivors onto a renovated cargo ship that is now their home...

Coming ashore for supplies, the PCs raid a crumbling town where  Artifacts and all manner of threats await.

The overgrown buildings provide hiding spots for all manner of junk, and dangers, for the PCs to explore.

Following clues found on an orange-suited scientist's body, ,the PCs sail across the Sound and find an ancient Laboratory where genetic research was conducted on Animals. 
Could it be EDEN?   No, but it is found to be the birthplace of one of the PCs, Pongo... but also the origin of the deadly Slashbugs that led to the Lab being lost!

As the PCs flee the lab, they have to destroy the Slashbugs that have infiltrated their ship, with fire.