A scene from our first Campaign- Cass tries to figure out how to get across the gap in the bridge and return everyone home...

The PCs from an earlier campaign battle Fen and other slimy creatures from the deeps, and try desperately to stay on Rowi's boat.

For our Second Campaign, we switched to the Mutant: Year Zero system,  which has the concept of an Ark, or home base.
The Ark is
a place the PCs, and NPC rivals, call home and work to improve during the campaign.  This Ark is an overbuilt lakeside dock turned fortress.
The Ark's oldest living member is a strange man in an orange jumpsuit, the Elder, who has been there as long as any of the mutants can remember.

The PCs head out into the unknown dangers of the Zone.

Pongo and Dogface use a dumpster as moving cover to sneak up on strangers in the Zone.

The PCs encounter a giant mutated Lizard Beast, and wisely choose to go around instead of through.

A day of looting turns dangerous when Rot Hounds show up...

Rowi the Kiwi Swarm joins the second campaign as an NPC, with a flatboat that proves indispensable when exploring the Lake.

The PCs explore the depths just outside their Ark, battling Rotfish and worse while recovering artifacts from the depths.