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2, going on 3
In the bin again
Little Snowman
I'm at the pumpkin patch!
The little guy's not so little now- almost as big as his brother!  Wyatt has a great attitude towards everything- even putting up a fight when you try to get his jammies on (whew).  Laugh it off then, little guy...
13-18 Months Remember  protective clothing when operating power tools Rebel without a chair
Uses anything to get over the gate
Unsuspecting Victim
Like a wet cat
Whew, glad that's over
Lost in the hay-ze
No more sink baths
Reading (not Eating) a book Now he gives the rides
Super Snuggle Boy
Satyr in training?
Or maybe a drum major
Wyatt has adapted well to our new home.  He eats even more than his brother, likes to run  the house (well, run through it anyway), and loves to watch trees n' stuff out the window.  He's also gotten quite good at playing instruments and dancing.  He even makes his own sound effects- dogs are "uff uff", fire trucks are "ooooooo"...  Commonly known as "Preposition boy", he loves to put things (including himself) on, in, under, and through whatever he can get to.
1 year old! Let them eat cake Granpa Des' tall tale Relaxing at the beach
Man's best friend Teletubbie His cousins are big too
Wyatt is now cruising, eats anything he can get his hands on, and likes to interact with friends and family.
9-12 Months With "uncle" Jim Motive-ated Mug Shot Favorite Game
He crawls, he sings, he grabs your face...
5-8 Months
Look ma, no hands!
 Ready for action
Up with Dad-Dad
Ready for... Baptizing!
Godparents are ready too
You can even eat the dishes
Where's the washcloth?
 Get those toes!
 Smoochy face
Christmas brings Joy...Joy brings silly hats!
Wyatt can now roll over, jabber out loud, and even eat solid foods, especially pick up and eat Cheerios.  Loves to grab his feet, jump in the entertainer, grab Jesse's toys, and sing (well, shriek anyway).   Still teething like mad (he's working on tooth # 6), and too big for the swing now...

1-4 Months
Hanging out with Grandpa Des
Aww, he's such a cute lil' punkin!
First Bath
It's easy with Mom!
  Publicity Photo
Flag Boy
Hanging out with Grandpa Paul
Little elf or little trouble maker?
Nice guy
Already 21+ pounds at 5 months, Wyatt is growing- fast!  Trying to catch up with his brother, we guess.   He likes standing (with help), watching his Brother (tracking well too), and being tickled (but it gives him the hiccups).  Unlike Jesse, he does great in the baby swing- he gets about 30% of his sleep in that thing...

 Grandma Linda
Aunt Sam
Grandma Linda Again!
Dad-Dad again
Wyatt is so cute when he's sleeping, we can't resist taking pictures.  What's amazing is how comfortable he is sleeping with so many different people!


 Out the door in record time
 The boys relax at home
Family of Four
 Dad dad... again!
Sleeping in
Despite being 3 and a half weeks early, Wyatt did great.   Wyatt's first claim to fame was successfully tying a true knot in his umbilical cord!  Nice one, buddy!   Wyatt is already a great Nurser.  Once he's on, he doesn't thrash around the way Jesse did, he just gets straight to work.  Jesse's doing well, considering.  In his words,   "Baby come out!"