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The spirit of Christmas- presents.
Birthday frenzy!
St. Valentine's delivers snow
Proper garden attire
The beginning of a legacy...
 Fun to make as well as eat
Proper paratrooper attire
Jesse's 4- officially a little dude and not a toddler.  He and Wyatt play together (noisily).  He thinks he can always reason his way - and makes admirable efforts to do so...


Big hats are ok here
Tom Sawyer's little brother?
Big Boy- the engine
Moving parts!
Where to start?
Jet Cadet
Ready to board
Big mouth
Trains at the fair!
Hay, where are you?
Tree hosted by Jes
Corduroy helps out
Hiding- fun and easy
Brief respite
Down Time
Jesse goes to preschool, is slowly learning to share with his brother, and has a great sense of humor.  He's adapting well to his new home, especially when he can get outside and play in the dirt / leaves / water.  He comes up with crazy statements, like "The turkey says 'gobble'.  He only says one word."

3 1/2 and doing fine
Nate and Jes go fish
Whale Checkup
Aunt Jennie's wedding at Hakone Gardens
Once properly dressed...    Be sure to visit waterfalls...
and bridges...     and fish!
No diving
Smiley face
Helping is fun-
as long as water's involved
He wears many hats
Too big for that now
Stories with Grandma Linda

Jesse likes to help out with whatever you're doing.  He gets along very well with his relatives.

The Big 3!

B-day Ice Cream

What do you get him?
More trains of course!

The Sleep Train?

Playing in the Yard- the Freight Yard that is!

Turn da wheel, put on da manual brakes!

Really big signal

Christmas fun

What's in dere?  Openup, lesse!

Wyatt likes them too

Stories w/Granpa Don

Life at Home

Looking good

Typical goof

Jes calls it "foof"

Jesse now recites entire SHOWS from memory, including video he and dad shoot at the local freight yard.  Dad is now very careful about what he says while taping...   Jes also likes to sing, and has great pitch!  He'll even make up his own variations on phrases and songs, such as the "golden flying chicken" on his barn (compared to the golden flying horse in the Big Red Barn book).

Coming up on the big 3...

Nicely trimmed hair, stunning blue eyes, and a... brown face?

Jes likes to get close to the action

Jes is PART of the action!

How cool is that?  Here's a closer look

Hard at work at the site

Jes takes gate repair pretty seriously

But he enjoyed working on Halloween!

Granpa Des plays a good game of ball

"Jus hangin out" as he says

Gotta go, got things to spoon!

Jesse isn't a toddler anymore...  not if he can say things like "I wanna coo-kee wif frostings an prinkles on it"!  He can even sing songs like Elmo's World- on key!   Jes is adapting well to having a baby brother- he likes to play with Wyatt's toys, but will pick them up and give them back if Wyatt drops them.  Thanks, Jes!


Dad-Dad joined us this time, thank you! He sure seems at home amongst all those huge jets... Sippy in hand, Jes sets to work on the landing gear Jes says it best: "Woah, rotors sooo biiiiig!"
Something to look up to Oh, brother, we're inside a C-5 Galaxy cargo plane again... Here begins the explanation of midair refueling techniques. "Engine Soooo Big,  spin around an round!"
Although Jesse's first love is still trains, he hasn't forgotten the coolness of jets.  His descriptions sound something like:  "Fighter jet, take-a off soooo fast,  make da esplooosions!  Anna Helala have weeely big wotors- go round an round.  Anna cargo plane Reeeally big en-ens!"
The outdoor activities of a 2 1/2 year old...  Yes, we have a season pass now... Jesse enjoys a quiet moment... Aunt Jennie is watching out for him though!
I proclaim this to be... mud day! Last of the Mudhicans...
Eek, here he comes!
At least he's friendly...
Realistic weathering
The sandbox, back when it was new...
Not long after these shots, Jesse's little brother Wyatt arrived!

The indoor activities of a 2 1/2 year old... Mom skilfully avoids a bonk situation Dad skillfully creates a raspberry situation Dad-Dad skilfully tells a surprising tale
Jesse can draw well- even on paper! He's always been a fan of "puter game". He even brushes his teeth- occasionally He loves standing up there

Jesse spends plenty of time outside, but here are a few indoor activities he's known for (aside from playing with his toy trains and watching train videos, which goes without saying).

Some time after 2 year old b-day party (it's all a blur...)
Now that's a big Lite-brite

He knows the deal

They must be watching a steam train (note forgotten ice cream cone)
No running in the house with that...

Table needs a hole

Jes is self-sufficient
Grandpa Don shoulders the burden
Nice chair...?

That's better

He still slows down for a story- occasionally

Jesse is not a baby anymore...  he's a little boy.  He speaks in complete sentences, has (strong) opinions, counts to 10...

The Cake!  By the way, cake decorations make good bath toys.
Jesse puts on some war paint?  No wait, that's just frosting
Aunt Laurie, Uncle Tim, and Cousin Zachary party down
Wow, a GOOD family picture!
Getting the hang of these present things
Plant your gravel in the spring, and tracks will grow!
The construction vehicles were an immediate hit.
This was quite the adventure at Roaring Camp Railroad.  We barely caught the 11 O'clock train, which ran over a fallen log TWICE, got stuck the second time, had to be chainsawed free, and finally  transferred everyone from the Steam Train to  Diesel.  It's all on tape, and one of Jesse's most vivid memories!   Of course, the only photos we have are of Jes' party afterwards...
Grandpa Des manages to pick up Jesse
Hi, Jack!  Who's driving, anyway? 
Jes finds a quiet corner for Christmas at the Oestreicher's
Patten family Christmas- at the toy train show, of course!
The fastest train at Roaring Camp
An amazing closeup action shot
Finally, enough steam train
The quietest passenger aboard
 Ready for another round of Dizzy chair!
Christmas was a blast.  Jes knows his colors, shapes, and letters, and is learning numbers quickly.  Likes to dive on and jump off chairs.  Splashes mom thoroughly when bathing.   Makes complete sentence requests like,  "Get up, Daddy!"  "TV on."  and "Train come."
21-22 MONTHS
Airport Review
Did I forget anything?
Getting ready to go
 Cousins Nate and Coby share the train with the Boss
Jack dog helps collect snow...
For snowballs, of course!
Relaxing in the Lodge
Relaxing out of the Lodge
For just a moment, peace between Jes and cousin Lolo
We flew up to Oregon and visited Jesse's cousins during Thanksgiving.  It even snowed in Bend, where we stayed for a few days!
In preparation for turning 2, Jes is learning the Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors,  Prepositions, and anything else he can get info on. Not only can he tell you what he's doing and what others are doing,  but can tell you what he wants you to do!
He took to it right away
Developing a taste for the net
The little puffer has an admirer
Jes' impression of a frog eating an Ice cream cone...
Reading classics with Abi
The dictionary's defenition of Wonder
Jes now loves trains.  Everything is referred to now as "tack! tack!"  (track, of course).  Can repeat almost any word to you.  Struggling to get those last 3 molars in...  Can gallop, hop, and jump (but still likes to run, climb, crawl, and roll).
18 to 19 MONTHS
 He doesn't look so big...
Okay, he looks big
First haircut
 Taking a time out... from Hoops
The OTHER  favorite toy
Hold on!
He's a natural...
Finally, enough airplanes
...and put the Super Cobra over there.
Danger Boy
He rode an elephant at the zoo
Awwwww, cute!
Say, what's going on up there?
Dad-Dad(Sleeper), Mom, Me, Grandpa (Oestreicher)
Rocks everywhere! Whee!
More rocks.........and a big Log!
Mud is cool too
 Ankle deep in concentration...
 Jes has a 30 word vocabulary, but can understand every word you say, and jabbers emphatically in the morning (and evening).  Plays advanced games of boo, escape, tunnel, etc.  Gives kisses (really!).  Will grab a toy, head towards the door, and say bye-bye!
16 to 17 MONTHS
So that's what's in the Diaper Genie...
Still snuggin!    Whoah,  tree...
Stay back, man- I know how to use these...
Reading with Grandma Linda
He looks so natural, it must be his car- right?
First ride on a steam train- full size, I mean!
 Mom's wet hair never fails to amuse
Still independent!  Likes to walk around the neigborhood, ride dad's skateboard, and push his own stroller.   Can repeat most words in just a couple trys.  Favorite outdoor toys:  water, trashcans.  Favorite indoor toys: Jack dog, I spy book, throwin' stuff.
13 to 15 MONTHS
Found Daddy!
Professional chair user

Tired Boy

Outdoors is tall....

Goin' backwards is fun and easy

In the basket again

With Dad-dad

Present from the Easter Bunny

Lookin' sharp, on the move

Running, jumping, proto-talking.  Loads of teeth, more still on the way.  Climbs over, under, around, in, on, etc.   Responds well to direction, but more independent than ever!


Now we're havin' fun

First Olive- whatcha think?
Sure, I'll try anything once
I think he likes olives
Whatcha got there, bagel boy?

A popular breakfast for a while

Duck diving with Mom

The first of many trains...

He knows it's something good

Freeing present from package

First sign of Water Boy
A real penchant for cardboard
This sure beats pushing
Exercise means better sleep

First Birthday, first big messy cake, first view of the Ocean (and San Francisco zoo).  Free walking everywhere!  Looks at books (not just eating them anymore).

Reviewing the Dailys
Bowl in repose
The walker is fun, but... Mind if I sort the Laundry? Jesse in his tub
Still got seven teeth... Not supposed to have those... Free Standing Boy! Mmm, cookie AND daddy Hey, look what we got!

Walking from room to room,  says Dada, Nana (hungry) and even Mama, still waiting for the eighth tooth, can spot dogs and airplanes at  range.

TEN MONTHS OLD Awww, they're playing... Yeoww!  Strong lil' fella... Ol' blue eyes is back Happy baby!

Super strong, likes to use chair as a walker, loves playing with curtains, recovering from his first cold.


Also plays piano

About to be Baptized...

Before being Baptized?

Oh boy, I'm awake!

Wake up, Stand up!

Dad's got strong teeth...

Howdya work this thing?

Good lookin' fella

Jes' godparents- aww...

CRAWLING!, advanced biting skills, laughs at small animals and fast children.

FIVE TO SEVEN MONTHS OLD One of us has gotta be able to eat this thing... Fresh out of the bath, Jes is stunned by paparazzi Slow down, Dad!

Too kool for skool...

Knockout boy, asleep with mom by the poolside It's funny when someone else eats yer feet!

Pulls himself up to a standing position (escape boy), more teeth coming in (4 going on 6), learning bad habits from dad (Face eater), actually takes naps in crib (whew!), eating plenty of solids (starch boy), Beginning rollercoaster training (upside down boy).

FOUR MONTHS OLD Get that bun-bun!  Arrrr!

Clean and happy after a bath

In the entertainer, with new pirate shirt.  Being upright is more fun than lying around... "Gotcha!"  Mom delivers a smoochie and elicits a great reaction. Star of the show! (w/Gramma Joy, Grandad Don, Uncle Tim, Cousin Zack, Aunt Laurie)
Getting quite good at grabbing (grabber!), advanced teething (boo boo face), Reads along with you (shrieky).
THREE MONTHS OLD Smiley boy!  Hanging out on 
Dad's lap.
"How did I get so big?"  He's pretty tall as well as chunky Smiley part 2- relaxing in the too-small-already bassinet On the changing table with Mr. Bun-Bun.
Already starting to teethe (drooly boy), very happy otherwise (smiley boy).
FIRST 2 MONTHS Already a master of  sleeping... Also, a fantastic eater (that's mom's hand in the shot) Proud (but tired) parents- Sean and Kathie Patten Sean's toughest project yet- but coming along nicely
A good eater (grubbin!), likes to be held over dad (bomber boy).

No thanks to Jesse James,  we were inspired to come up with western nicknames for Jes...
Wyatt Urp, Nap Masterson, Spilly the Kid, Wild Bill Hiccup, Tom Drooly, Buffalo Bill Throaty, Doc Crawliday, General George Fuster, and of course, Squint Eastwood.