This is the Armorcast Cauldron of Blood- a great kit (sadly no longer available), with some minor modifications.  I'm mostly happy with the paint job.  I primed in grey, then painted the red areas with two different techniques that yielded pretty much the same results: Base coat dark red and drybrush with red, or base coat red and wash with dark red.  Either way, I highlighted the edges with a quick brush of red, and added dark brown wash to create the darkest areas of shading.  Dark brown is also great for a wash over Brass, yielding the rich and dark metallic colors seen here.  Modifications include moving the scythe blades back, replacing the wheels with treads from a toy tank, and adding more skulls to the back to detail up the blank areas (mostly shield bosses from the plastic skeletons regiment).

The Armorcast Cannon of Khorne was always a bit goofy looking (like it's epic counterpart), so I made some major modifications to it.  I sawed off the front ring of the cannon and replaced it with the freakish, toothy looking thing you see here (part of a Resident Evil action figure, actually).  The back tip of the cannon was also replaced with the tail from a dragon gun that came with one of the KISS figures (Gene Simmons).  The skeletons lining both sides of the cannon were added on, as were some additional skulls.  Some spikes and muzzles from the chaos Rhino sprue were added to the rear of the vehicle.  The exhaust pipe was even topped with a piece from the old Ork Battlewagon.

This is an extensive conversion of the old Land Raider- in addition to the added bones and spikes, I made the vehicle much longer and added an open compartment on top for chaos marines to ride on.  To "stretch" the vehicle, I sawed off the bottom treads, then cut it in half widthways.  Then I used styrene sheet plastic to fill in the gap between the front and back halves, and used the interior floor plate to form the rooftop riding area.  I spliced the sawed off track into the top to fill the gap, and made crude replacement track for the bottom by cutting notches into strips of plastic and attaching them.  The spikes are from the old Battlewagon kit.  All of the bone and skull pieces are from several Skeleton Warrior toys I cut up for parts.

Here you can clearly see the gun conversion.  I used Lemann Russ sponsons, Skeleton Warrior toy parts (back of gun, hands) and gatling gun barrels off of an old GI Joe toy to make these impressive guns.
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