Be sure to check out the converted Khorne War Engines, including a Cauldron of Blood, Cannon of Khorne, and a Land Raider!

Some models are so nicely engineered and sculpted, they need no conversion. Master Jes Goodwin's rendering of Kharn the betrayer inspired me to a gritty, well worn look. (Actually, I paint all my Khornate marines like this- just because they're red doesn't mean they can't be dark red!). I use a black wash to darken down the red and gold bits after painting them. Skulls and metal bits really stand out agains these darker colors and make the model look more realistic (in my opinion). 
The  multi-part plastic Berzerker models are getting old, but still pose well.  They even come with tiny little frag grenades.  I used up almost a whole box for other chaos marine conversions before I finally got around to filling out my berzerker forces with them.  Here's a typical model, with some spikes  from the fantasy Orc plastic regiment added on.  The back pack is one of the really old chaos packs, hard to find nowadays.
Another view of the above model.  I love this pose!  The "bent leg" pieces that come with the Berzerkers can be really nicely posed, with some work.  Take care not to go totally overboard- it's easy to make your Berzerkers look like they are dancing a crazy jig instead of trudging across the battlefield.  A combination of torso and head turn, subtle leg turn, and natural arm position make this model dynamic but still pretty convincing...
One great thing about plastic models is they are so easy to convert.  In homage to Kharn, I gave several of my Berzerkers bare arms.  I used arms (and weapons, like this axe!) from the new plastic Orks.  I shaved down the upper arm so a shoulderpad would fit over it, but otherwise the arm is totally stock.  This model shows off my Khorne color scheme well- dirty brass, dark shaded red, and a nice bone colored face too.
 My favorite Raptor model was the one with the flamer, but since I already converted him to carry a Melta Gun, I equipped this Berzerker model with the lovely flamer instead.  Getting the hands to line up with the rest of the model was not easy- lots of x-acto knife work and superglue made this conversion possible.  I added a khornate dangly bit to the grip for good measure. 
I've also added cultists to bulk out my Khorne forces.  The  Warhammer Chaos Marauders plastic regiment box set is AMAZING, loaded with choice bits and well proportioned figures.  This model is entirely from that set, with the exception of his bolt pistol, and left arm (from a plastic Goliath ganger).

I converted my melee intensive cultists to have the  look of maniacs and mass murderers.  From L to R:  Warhammer Quest barbarian with chaos sorcerer head, Pit Slave Chief, Plastic Goliath Ganger with flagellant masked head, and metal barbarian with a plastic chaos warrior head (minus  horns).  Marauder axes and Gorka Morka knife arms were also used.

 I built this Warsmith with Khorne in mind.  This model is a mix of plastic and metal parts.  I used one of the heads from the Berserker plastic models- the one with the rediculous fangs.  I found that by painting the lower half of the head like a mask, the fangs were actually kind of cool and make the model look more mechanized and sinister at the same time!   The buzzsaw arm on the bottom of the backpack is from one of the old Epic scale Khorne Daemon Engines (the Brass Scorpion).   The main areas of the model were painted dark red and then drybrushed red.  For most of the metal areas, I mixed up a dark brass (brass with dark brown added), and then drybrushed over that with Steel.

Don't worry, this picture is much larger than life size!  I've done Terminator Champions for all the chaos powers, and Khorne is one of the few times I feel all those goofy spikes are actually appropriate.   The right arm is from Abaddon, the left is one of the new chaos terminator arms.

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