We recently ran a short Star Wars campaign, so I made a few custom pieces of terrain (and a ship) for it.  This ship was scratch built from electrical boxes, Robotix play sets, and all manner of detail bits. including a quad laser turret from a Millenium Falcon toy.

The PCs had to break an ally out of prison- a Victory class Star Destroyer to be precise!  I repurposed some Death Star terrain and some panels I made for my Votoms campaign, to represent the hangar and cell blocks.

After crashing on a jungle deathworld, the PCs had to fend off hordes of creatures as night descended on the planet.

To represent the junkyard planet of Raxus Prime, I pulled out every piece of scrapyard terrain I had and arranged it into precarious piles.  Add some wrecked vehicles, a Stormtrooper death camp, and some TIE fighters, and drama unfolds!

Since the PCs were based on Ord Mantell, I made some original terrain with a rounded, Star Wars-esque look to it.  Mostly made of electrical boxes and wheels from a Turbo Tank, I added more details from Juice lids, sprinkler heads, printer cartridges, and cardboard frames from board game components.

One more shot, a street level shot of Ord Mantell.

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