The boys have been playing a simple minis game with their Galactic Heroes figures, so I made them their own terrain for Xmas- some Death Star scenery!

In addition to various plastic boxes, pipe fittings, hardware and toys, a huge helping hand came in the form of some printable decal pages from Niubniub's Website.  Check it out- it's amazing!  I mixed up a blue-grey to match the decals in color, and base coated the pieces before applying decals to flat surfaces with some glue stick.

I found some black vinyl drapery material at the fabric store on sale, with a nice shiny finish that makes for a good floor.

Many of the pieces can be turned on various sides for different looks, such as this converted speaker box.

The console (manned by a red guard here) is made from a plastic cable reel.

Some of the back areas have a more predominantly black color scheme, with plenty of control panels.

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