By Sean Patten

Rules for playing games of Pilferville can be found here.

This page contains one sheet of encounter tokens.  Print FOUR of these pages onto posterboard and cut them out with scissors, paper cutter, or rotary cutter.  Then mix them up, flip them down, and place them on your board and let the exploring begin!  Use the arrows to show where your animals have broken into a building.

This page contains one of each tile.  There are three types of tiles- you'll need one center park, four road corners, and four straight roads. print each tile as large as 1 sheet of paper.  You can mount them to chipboard (thick cardboard) using any spray adhesive.  Then cut the boards out with a heavy duty paper cutter or a sharp knife and straight edge.  Then you can assemble a whole variety of boards using the tiles!  The standard board setup is a 3x3 tile board with road around the outside.  Check out the Scenarios page (link below) for other board setup ideas, or invent your own!
You will also need starting spaces.  These can be saved, printed, mounted and cut out just like the boards.

This page contains different scenarios to try out Scenarios may have different board layouts to try out, different goals to strive for, and special rules to keep games interesting!

This page contains printable critters and townsfolk But don't settle for cheap cardboard, when you can buy beautiful plastic figures instead!  
Mount your figures to bases for added stability.  Paint the bases in your team color so it is easy to tell your figures apart from the other players.  For bases, try using "Woodsies" brand wooden rectangles- cheap, sturdy, easy to paint, and a variety of sizes to fit your different critters.  Most craft shops (like Michael's) carries them.  Or make your own, from sheet plastic or cardboard.


This page contains printable critters and townsfolk.  But don't settle for cheap cardboard, when you can buy beautiful plastic figures instead

You'll need ordinary 6-sided dice to play Pilferville.  I like to have 4 dice in each color for each player, and a neutral color for townsfolk, so they don't get mixed up.
You'll also need a DIRECTION die for the townsfolk's random move.  I made my own by drawing arrows on a blank 6-sided die.  Draw an arrow on 5 sides (try to mix up the directions they point).  On the sixth side, draw a question mark.  When this is rolled, the player with the lowest score gets to choose what direction they move!
  A Printable direction die will be coming soon.

You'll need some way to keep track of your score.  You could just write it down, but it's more fun to collect something, like pennies or jelly beans or nuts!  (Just don't eat your winnings before the game is over).  I like to use glass pebbles (available from any craft store).