The presence of Necrons in our galaxy was first hinted at in the Gorka Morka game.  I photoshopped the above pic together for a more desert-like feel.  The original photo was actually a mistake- I forgot to turn the flash on, so only my natural backlighting came through.  The effect was menacing though, so I added a Sun inside the warp gate, and  desert planet CG art taken from the web somewhere (Please let me know if this is yours, so I can ask permission and credit you and your site!).

Below is a clearer, well lit photo of most of my Necron terrain (made hastily for our Explorator campaign).  Most of the towers are made from the interior sections of electric outlets made for cube walls- they have a cool, angular pattern to them that reminded me of circuitry.  I scorched them lightly with a torch (ventilation required!) to ge a more grainy, ancient look.  The warp gate itself is made out of a plastic rim piece from an Audi!  I used a moto-tool (Dremel) to cut notches into the outer edge, then glued on some vertebre pieces and some keyboard buttons along the inner and outer edges to make it look more technical.  Drilling small holes around the rim helps too.  The final touch are several cocktail sticks (toothpicks) pointing in- these really make the thing look alien and dangerous!

All the Necron terrain is primed with black spray paint, then drybrushed with steel, copper and brass, and finally given a blue-green wash (much like my minis).  The Warp Gate was drybrushed blue-green on the inside, and dark red around the outer rim.  I actually sawed about a half inch off the bottom of the rim and glued it to a fiberboard base with some concrete patch on it, so it would stand up on it's own.  This also gives it a partially buried look.

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