Taking advantage of some nice action figures to come out recently, I made the following  vehicles for my Necron army.  Check out the links below (use the back button to return here when you are done viewing them).

I dug up some old Zoid Cannon Spider kits I had lying around and threw them together.  I noticed they looked more sinister with the leg coverings off, and that the best details were on the bottom of the body, so I flipped the body over.  The only other modifications are replacing the original mandibles with some from the large Matrix Sentinel toy, and adding a chunk of detail to the back of the body.  And of course, a suitably dark and decayed metal paint job...

I made two of these beasties.  Starting with a Quake 2 toy, I replaced the fleshy arms and head on the original model with more mechanical equivelants.  The arms are off of some old Terminator action figures, and the heads are made out of a color TV picture tube emitter!  I painted these with a dark brown wash, steel and brass drybrush, and turquoise washes to give them an archaic look.  The toy was already well painted, so it didn't take much to get them nicely finished!

This started as a Spawn toy (a cyborg alligator).  After removing the biological looking head and armor,  and some of the more rediculous weapons, I added a mechanical looking head, spikey tail, and some more rediculous looking weapons.   The end result is a slow but heavily armed beastie.  I painted over the existing colors with a brown wash, did some metallic drybrushing, and called it done....

This big guy is made of several different toys. The body is made of an X-Men Mojo action figure (with the big yellow guy removed).  The head is from a Star Wars Probot, with numerous extra eyes and hoses added on.  Loads of other little bits were added, including some tread around the body from a tank kit.  Most of the arms are from Probot toys, though a few are from various Quake 2 toys.  The whole thing was base coated black, then drybrushed with various metallics and washed with blue-green.

Whew!  What a beast.  This is my (rather large) Necron Lord model, scratch built from a wide variety of bits including an Emperor Titan head, a Mogera figure from Godzilla, electronics parts, Zoid parts, and arms off an old Mecha miniature.  This guy sits on a flight stand.  Instead of legs, three lifting thrusters can be seen in front, and a main thruster (square) projects from the back.  I primed in black, drybrushed steel and brass, then base coated selected areas with turqoise before washing with dark brown and adding a couple red details.
 I had a new love for Necrons when the Immortals came out- these models are menacing and nicely detailed.  All my Necrons are painted with steel and brass colors, with heavy dark brown, green and blue washes to give them an 'ancient" look.
This Necron Warrior is  another example of how the dark washes and brass drybrushing  can really 'age' the model.  No bright, shiny models here!
Inspired by the Terminator movies, I made this "Mantrator" by combining parts from a Ral Partha Skelebot and a plastic Orlock ganger.
The "Mantrator" is a lighter version of the Necron warrior, armed only with autoguns and other human weapons, but they can infiltrate!  This is a model from another miniatures line that has been armed with a metal Autogun from the Necromunda Weapons sprue.
Although out of print (sadly), Milton Bradley's Space Crusade game included these nifty plastic chaos androids that make great Necron miniatures!  I arm them with a sniper rifle for variety.
When I saw these Legions of Steel miniatures, I had to include them in my Necron army as assault troops- fast and deadly..
My friend Robert tried his own hand at making Scarabs.  This is a clever way to use up those spare chaos marine backpacks!

These Wraiths are scratch build using parts from Matrix Sentinel toys, plastic skulls,
and leg covers left over from that zoids spider toy I used for the Tomb Spiders. 
The bases are Dominos, nice and heavy so the models don't tip over.  Creepy....

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