In the spirit of the season, I decided I'd try out a snow effect on my Mordhiem terrain- with great results!  I covered the table with a thin sheet of white cotton cloth (intended for wrapping around Christmas trees of course).  I clamped the sheet down so it wouldn't slide around (it's pretty light).  Then I put out some of the trees I had made for my 40K snow scenery- they are cake and christmas decorations, tacked into pieces of foam with a cocktail stick and spray painted white.  But the crowning achievement was the melting snow patches on the terrain itself, made from a special kind of packing foam.

I had finally found the PERFECT foam for making snow-  Polyethylene Foam seems to be the right stuff.  They use thin sheets of polyethylene for dish pack (not what you want, too flimsy).  What youíll want is a thick sheet, block, or plank, like the kind they use to package monitors.  You might be able to find some at a recycling center that takes foams and packaging materials.   The cheaper stuff looks better than the tougher stuff, ironically- and is easier to cut.  It's lighter, more translucent, and has both closed and open cells in it.  You want planks or sheets that are at least a half-inch thick to get a good slice.  Try to avoid laminates (multiple sheets glued on top of each other), though these arenít horrible- youíll just get a faint line in the middle.  I found that I could slice it very easily with a sharp butcher's knife, and the thinner I sliced it, the more translucent it became- and thus, the more it looked like snow.

By slicing several long thin strips, and then slicing a wavy edge along one side, I could create strips of melting snow pack that I could place along the inside edges of my terrain.  I cut them to fit snugly, so they wouldn't just fall off- though I also used double sided tape to hold them in place on sloped roofs.  The steps in the pic above were decorated in this manner- and when winter is over, I can simply remove the foam to return Mordheim back to its normal state..


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