Here's a glimpse of my snow scenery in action, featuring the firebase and a couple other pieces.  The table is covered with thin white batting, which has been faintly sprayed with blue and grey spraypaint.  The icy chunks are cut up chunks of the toughest packing foam I've ever found.  Our new computer monitors at work came packed in the stuff- it's an open cell foam, like matress foam, but much tougher and stiffer, almost like nylon.  Anyway, it doesn't paint well at ALL, so I just cut up some big blocks of the white foam.  By adding small slices of the foam to my industrial scenery, I can make it look like patches of snow that haven't melted away, which better blends the piece with the snow terrain.  The trees are cake decorations I stuck into blocks of the foam with coctail sticks, then dusted with some white spraypaint.  The end result is startlingly effective!

As to the Fire Base itself: since some of my favorite real life scenery has recessed detail (pits, trenches, access hatches, etc.), I decided to create a large, concrete raised area that I could build into instead of onto. I then decided to make it into a gun platform, inspired by the coastal defense batteries of World War Two. The open area in back on the left connects to a ramp from my elevated roadway (see Gangways for more info on the El). Even with the ramp, this thing is almost impossible to assault. 
You can see the gun pits and other recessed detail in this back view:

Eventually I plan to mount some Heavy Bolters in the corners for close defense. This is one of the largest pieces I have made- it can fit entire buildings on top of it! I actually created this monstrosity before GW came out with their cardboard Firebase kit, although I just recently completed the second Basilisk cannon.

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