Here's a nice shot of my custom Catwalks and towers, with some of my elevated road sections ("the El") in back. Games are much more fun if all three dimensions are used, so getting up in the air is important. The catwalks are made of an HO trestle kit, and I cut the kit into several different lengths to bridge various gaps between buildings. The towers are nice for connecting intersecting catwalks, so I make sure to have a slot or two wide enough to drop the end of a catwalk neatly into a tower. Otherwise, I put solid railings on all my accesways to ensure the models get good cover. Notice the gothic arrowpoint detail along the walls of the El (brass on green)- this was done by cutting paper thin sheet styrene (available in hobby shops) with a pair of pinking shears (you know, the zig zag ones for sewing), and then punching holes in the "valleys" with a hole punch. I then glued strips of this detail onto the walls.

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