Once your terrain is elevated onto foundations, you may find movement at ground level is overly restricted.  By making bridges at the same height as your foundations, you can get around at every level, and you have a few more places to hide as well!

The foundation on the left has some recessed arches, but the bridge on the right has actual passageways underneath!  The bridge is even large enough to put some ruins on top.

To make the arches, I took a 4  inch wide board and cut holes in it with a  3 inch hole saw, then cut it in half to make the holes into arches.   These are roughed up with a moto-tool and concrete patch.

The top of the bridge is detailed with some brick pattern vinyl (originally for Christmas Village sets), with squared off popsicle sticks for the sidings.  Shields add some detail over the arches.

This bridge started as a Halloween village decoration, but originally sat on the ground, much too low to bridge the foundations or provide enough room underneath for a model to go below.  By mounting the bridge onto wood pylons, the whole bridge is brought up high enough to go over and under in setups like this one!

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