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One of my more unusual conversions are my "Gargoyles".  I loved the idea of flying melee troops, and the (original metal)  hormagaunt models seemed much more impressive looking than their stats would indicate, so I cooked up this nightmare to solve both problems.  The Hormagaunt's "pokey stabby" arms have been replaced by a pair of wings (taken from the old  Harpy models- which, of course, were converted into plague bearers for my chaos army since I'm not too keen on the current plague bearer models).  The end result is pretty effective (much to the horror of my fellow players). 
I also made some shooty Gargoyles out of the new plastic Hormagaunts.  I gave them devourers, removed their middle arms, and added metal wings from the old Gargoyle models.  I then drilled a hole in the belly and plugged the model onto a clear flight stand.  The end result is quite effective, and surprisinly well balanced since the stand sits directly below the metal wings.
The original plastic Termagant models still have a certain charm- plus, the smaller models tend to find cover more easily.   These plastic models were a godsend when I was building my army.  This guy, and many others like him, were painted with the "wash" method ideal for vast numbers...
I still had some of the original Tyranid "Hunter Slayer" models around, but they were too small to use even as Termagants- so I based them up with some other odd alien toy bits, forming a new type of troop- the Hunter Slayer Swarm!  I stat them with a handful of Spinefists and pretty much  treat them like Ripper swarms otherwise.
The new ripper swarm plastics are cool, but to pad out their numbers, I added some other odd bits to this base, including a Kryomek worm, an old Gargoyle tail, and an old Spinefist from the metal Warrior models!
Here's some oddball weaponry for my army.  The spore mine is  from the old Space Fleet model line, just to add variety.  The blobby thing  is a spare deathspitter from the old plastic Tyranid sprue, mounted on a disturbing little base.  I use these models as "Orguns"- organic sentry guns that the Tyranids can plant on the battlefield as a special biomorph!
I saw these giant flea looking models in another miniatures line and knew they would make good Tyranid models.  I call them Leeches- they latch onto their victim's body and slowly drain the life out of 'em.  The model is a pretty good size, so I didn't bother mounting it on a base-  besides, it makes it easier to put them into the beloved "blood sucking" pose over the toppled victim...
With the latest release of Tyranids, Games Workshop is finally painting their Genestealers to match the Tyranid Hive Fleet they come from.  I had previously painted my 'Stealers purple and blue, the traditional colors, but have since repainted them green to match my 'nids.  This is a beautiful metal Magus Hybrid model- I gave his skin a green wash and tan drybrush to update him, and darkened his robes from blue to dark purple / brown for a more dirty, menacing look.
The Plastic hybrids that came with the Genestealer Space Hulk expansion are not as common now, but still decent models.  I armed this guy with a missile launcher from the old Chaos heavy weapons sprue, as it has a baroque, ridged look that is perfect for Hybrids.
A back view of one of my plastic hybrids.  Here you can really see the dark red / purple colored clothing, done so as a tribute to the Genestealers' original purple color scheme.  The skin is green and carapace brown like my regular Tyranids, and painted with the same wash methods.
This metal Hybrid model was painted with dark red clothes, green skin (with a tan drybrush), and yellow trim on the clothes to go with the Magus model above (I use him as a bodyguard for the Magus).
The metal hybrid models are much nicer than the plastics, well posed and nicely detailed.  The most noticeable problem with the plastic ones is that they are much larger (too large?) than the metals.  This is a stock model, painted the same way as the one above.
The only model Games Workshop didn't update is one of the oldest- the venerable plastic Genestealer, first seen in Space Hulk many years ago.  While painting mine in the new color scheme, I noticed how much detail was actually on these models!  I painted 40 of these things in just a couple nights using washes- and a few came out quite nice despite my hastiness!
How did I paint 40 'stealers that quickly?  With Enamel washes, of course!   Primed in white, then a light brown wash, green skin, pink mouths, and a dark brown wash over the whole thing.  I also rubbed some areas while the final wash was wet so the white primer would come through, forming  highlights- you can really see this on the back of the model pictured here, and also on claws and pustules to make them stand out.
The only problem with the plastic Genestealers is that they aren't easily poseable.  However, this guy uses a set of arms from the few 'Stealers included in Milton Bradley's Space Crusade!  Though a bit large for the model, these arms make a great lunging pose.  I also omit the tongues from some of my 'stealers just for more variety.

Be sure to check out Sherman Bishop's  impressive Tyranid Analysis page for more nifty Tyranid info!
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